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  1. This logic is failing further then dividing by 0.
  2. Noooooooooooo, reminds me too much of Boxxybabee :| -Head explodes-
  3. Mmm...It's been awhile since "I" was here, "I" need to be here more often.. Welcome to The Lost Ones, those of you who have just joined..
  4. The "I" one speaks for you. But the "We" and "Us" speaks for "Us" all.
  5. For those of you just joining...welcome to the guild...there is one motto that "I" follow, and "I" hope the others follow as well...when "I" use anything with the word "We" or "Us" or "I", "I" bold the word and put it in quotes, as seen so far in the sentence.. It basically allows for the sentence to involve all of The Lost Ones, and not just the one speaking.
  6. "We" just want to watch and learn the intentions of this guild, and all others. "We" watch over everyone.
  7. You could be a guild hired by people as body guards or something.
  8. Aw shucks Balv, you figured it out.
  9. HOLY APE-IRON BALLS, THE TRUTH IS HERE hawthorneluke edit: The spam's gone on long enough in this topic.
  10. I know a secret word, it starts with a P and ends with nis.
  11. Wasn't it you, who wish "Us" luck Ape-Iron?
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