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  1. I'm on :D just not when everyone else is it seems T_________T
  2. can I request this thread to be locked or deleted? Golthan aka Zjinrainsomething lost his Password, I'm going to make a new thread. :D
  3. Sorry to post in an old topic but I wasn't sure which option i should do... Make a new topic and possibly break a rule for starting a similar topic, or to post in an old one and break a rule for necro-posting. An idea I thought of, Dunno if it's already been suggested, was to have discoverers o.0? Say a user (not a developer or other staff member) is the first person to find a map, have a flash of text, or a randomly generated sign, maybe a label somewhere on the screen, or what have you... saying "Discovered by xx-user-xx". I can see some flaws to this, but I'm nowhere near the smartest person, so if it was a suitable idea, I'm sure someone could iron it out to fit their likings.
  4. Group Renamed to Forgotten Goddess Enterprise, who's main product is The World. The game takes place after the events of GU. Currently around 70-80 Active members. PS @Hawthorneluke :: I'm still unsure "why", But I recently found out that members with their date & time settings switched to Japan could not connect. Switching it to something USA seemed to work for them. I just thought I'd put that in.
  5. Hmmm, I think it's safe to say that the game has moved out of the PRE Stage, although Quite a long ways away from succeeding a WIP Currently, 20 ish active members, 10 players online average now :D (during peak of day) We now Have around 300+ Items and I'm currently looking into making more or having someone help more. Over 1500 Filled maps out of 4000, about 200 of them are non-generated/original, Hiring new mappers so hopefully we progress faster. x___x I just made 130 new NPCs, totaling around 230 ish... We're working on placing them on maps now. Most Major Recurring bugs have been fixed, although please tell me if you find one so i can get it fixed as fast as possible. There's 100 spells roughly, and each class (of 11) has 4 weapons/armor/shield/legs done... A lot of items but not enough, again looking into finding more help. We're working on new sprites slowly, Kanaria on clothing and a new chaos gate, Jebus on weapons so I think that may add some excitement to the game ;D Still a lot of work to do, but a lot has been done, just wanted to keep an update. This doesn't include Features added into the client/server, Those are best viewed for yourself :P
  6. You all make less sense than what you're trying to pin ME for... Firstly, your mother will always be your mother and you her child. Age is irrelevant. Goals, tasks, whatever word you want to use. All Gwydion's members share a "goal"/purpose, whatever. Different way of putting it: I cannot tell you what Gwydion is up to, all i was ordered to do was state that we are here. It's not my place to say anything else. Your opinion on who should start topics about guilds confuses me, I haven't seen anywhere stating that the thread starter HAD to be the leader.... We have different practices, not "EVIL" as you all were so quickly to assume, just different. Releasing our name shouldn't make us any less hidden. I don't get how it would. Also, I was wrong about the matter thing you're correct .__. Although, humans aren't born with logic, It's learned. Meaning everyone will know about different logical things than another. even if minute. Just because you don't understand something, doesn't make me wrong. Likewise, Just because I say something incorrect, doesn't mean you HAVE to misinterpret it.
  7. We don't currently need more members. We're not all too hard on our rules, it's just that they're really easy to follow. To tell you that we're here, =P The Guild's goal is different from my goal. Let's say you're a parent, and your goal is to bake a cake, if you tell your child to drive to the store and buy eggs, his goal is to buy eggs. That doesn't erase your goal of making the cake. :/ I started the topic of this guild, that doesn't make me its leader. I'm not the greatest typist but anywho, My goals and the Guilds goals are different. Uhhhh, I dunno. I didn't pick it... but it sure does beats saying "the guild we know nothing about". I'm pretty chillax, and I'd like to believe everyone i work with is too... I assume we'll worry about failure if it ever draws near. Plus I doubt anyone here is really a bully, We're all just expressing our own opinions :P Protip: I put definitions in there for me and anyone else who doesn't happen to know exactly what Cult means... yes, I didn't know exactly what it meant so i looked it up :P Logic used to say that matter cannot be created or destroyed... and if you were to ask anyone why.. they'd say because that's just how it is.... but that has changed, matter CAN be created and destroyed.
  8. I'd wait a couple months, Learn VB6 and Java in that time :D Eclipse is coming out with a VERY powerful java version sometime in the future. That's what I'm waiting for. EPIC EPIC EPIC IMO at least. But yeah, Game Maker is also cool.
  9. Oh I was agreeing to to everything i had bold except that last part stating cool. My intentions do not include becoming cool any time soon. Logic was once based off of the ideas of an imagination. it always has issues until we find out about them, fix them through latest technology or theory, then it's undisputed again, which makes little sense itself. That's what I assume too xD But I don't mind. Not too much. What's so wrong with a cult anywho? Cult: "a group or sect bound together by veneration of the same thing, person, ideal, etc." Sect: " Although in the past it was mostly used to refer to religious groups, it has since expanded and in modern culture can refer to any organization that breaks away from a larger one to follow a different set of rules and principles." Venerate:" to regard or treat with reverence; revere." I see nothing that would put us on an insta-bash, like this one :D
  10. Bold 1: Yup! But i'm not one to go against my orders just because of a slight contradiction. Bold 2: Not that you aren't a kill-joy, but if it makes things clearer it wasn't aimed towards anyone here :P Everyone here is cool. :D Minus me i suppose. You don't? How odd....
  11. Gwydion is a guild that's been around for a while (a month?) that holds the rule of silence at the highest. The purpose of the guild has been discussed with it's current members but cannot be portrayed to outside parties because of confidential material. The people within the guild are to remain anonymous, except me, head of communications, as such i have the dirtier job of the others'. I would like to make clear that I am not the Guild Master. Our goals as a guild are confidential but my mission goal is to make the players of The World aware of our existence. Our rules also shall remain unsaid because they give partial information to our goals. Other than the rule of silence which has already been pointed out. Comments, questions, insults, and flattery are all welcome, although I'd take note that I'm not officially here to listen or heed any of it.
  12. Lol, yes that would be a factor but no worries, the game is a little laggy in general. It should get better once i get my new computer parts and such. :D [Announcement] http://www.forgotten-goddess.com/forum/index.php so we don't end up cluttering this topic to death.
  13. Night gives us problems, It's one of the things i need to do, remove it.
  14. ApeIron, Delete everything in your map folder, redownload the Client and reinstall the library files. Since we've been switching stuff around all day but we're not any longer.... a clean start should be good.
  15. I was still adjusting my ports, I'm done now.. as for the overflow I'm not really sure what causes that, sorry ApeIron, My best guess is to just keep trying while I research it more.
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