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Apeiron Knights Rules

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"We" just want to watch and learn the intentions of this guild, and all others. "We" watch over everyone.

Meritorious, could you please stop posting in this topic like that? This is a topic about the Apeiron Knights Rules, not about what your guild does. I don't think it's fair to this guild that you're doing that. Now stay on topic, please. It's not that hard =).

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until you figure out what my name means and why we started the knights, i will have my axe ready to gash your eyes out

Apeiron (?????) is a Heavy Axeman that appeared briefly in one scene with Mistral and Kite.

In the Epitaph of Twilight, Apeiron, King of Light is the preserver of order.

The word "Apeiron" is a theory of something eternal and ageless and that encompasses all the world. Light is such a thing.

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