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What Are You Reading?

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no, they DO follow a pattern. Twinblade weapons will be named something like 10TerDob1 and the next 11terdob1. They just... don't make any sense. This may also have to do with the fact that I'm ripping textures from an originally Japanese game. And the translators wouldn't have screwed with the texture files..

and in fact occasionally i'll find a sakaki texture that actually says 'sak' in the name. Like I said, rare though D:

Point taken. :) I'm sorry, I just naturally thought it looked like some form of hashing system which makes sense when you're thinking in terms of how the 3D engine could be working. (I'm thinking in regards to content management here) Well, then it's a lot like Half-Life 2's map naming system but somewhat odd in a sense. You should probably start a wiki entry on here and just start taking notes on what file is what.

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no real need. I can see the texture files before I rip them, and place them in an appropriate texture folder in my files.

When modeling I also have the game with me, so finding the file I need just requires going to the folder and scrolling until I find it.

In my GU mac anu (which I plan to show a preview of in my next model update) they split the 625 textures into sets of 00, 01, 02, 03, 04,..., 07. Looking at the textures tell me where in the mac anu this split takes place, and they are classified as such.

anyway, kind of derailed there.


never really got into the manga. I watched the anime (it was one of my firsts.) and it just wasn't a very interesting story to me. just my thoughts :P

Right now I'm reading Dead Connection and The Vampire Lestat.

I just got into the Interview with the Vampire series. it seems... better.. then other vampire books.

Kuronen, try reading the Cirque Du Freak

also a very good vampire series.

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Been reading asimov, and I can see where elon musk's motivation comes from lol

End of eternity was great, then on to the foundation series, in publication order

It's not like omg amazing while reading it, but after reading it, man, he's just so good at what he does

Keeping the foundation series as a sort of present to myself to read every now and then when I want to feel good lol, but already past half way on the 3rd book ๐Ÿ˜งย I wonder how the ones he wrote much later compare...

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