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1 hour ago, Blood Willow said:

Is Berserk a series aside from the Egg of the King trilogy? I have seen 2 of the 3 so far. But if there's more I will find it!

Oh, it is. It's a manga series that's been going on since the late 80s, an anime series in the 90s (which the movies you mention actually cover). Following the third movie, an anime series continues where it leaves off which is imo when Berserk shines the brightest because of what kind of twists/turns the series takes.

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2 hours ago, Blood Willow said:

I found 2 Anime series for Beserk, but havent gotten to watch them yet. Still need to read the Manga.

Oh shit. Forgot to reply to you. xD Uhh.. okay, so to clarify...

  • If you haven't seen the Berserk Movies
    • Watch the old anime series or watch the movies. Pick whichever format works best for you as the events that happen in both are essentially the same.
  • If you have
    • Watch the NEW anime series as it continues where the old anime and movie leave off.

The anime/movies generally stay faithful to the source material, surprisingly. So the manga only is required if you wanna go on ahead. Also be forewarned, if shitty 3d CGI in anime turns you off then the new anime/movie stuff will be a drag for poor visuals. Though I can see past that.. guess I'm just happy to have something to watch rather than nothing ? Anime has been hard to get into lately, hah

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Guest Melphina Micaela
4 hours ago, gm112 said:

?Anime has been hard to get into lately, hah

What sort of anime do you like? Maybe we can recommend stuff!

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@gm - Thank you much. I watch some of the Netflix original stuff, so the CGI will prolly be fine ? 

@Crim - I haven't seen Code Geass in AGES o.o Awesome. Up there with Sc-Ry-Ed

And for anyone who is interested . . . . http://justanimedownloads.net/download-list

This site is full of Anime series and movies, free to download. But they are all dubbed, so there's that. I do recommend an ad-block and anti-virus, for safety, of course.

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