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Not New, just back.


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yea, don't get hit... its a 1-hit ko move.

XD These posts win. :)

blast to the past

completely forgot about that in pokemon until now :D

I gave my blastoise fissure in Pokemon blue and yellow. Was gonna do the same in Fire Red/Leaf Green, or at least get the TM, then Nintendo took it out.

Welcome back! :] Don't

know you, but I have seen

your posts around here.

Hello MM, thank you.

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lol I remember Fissure from ZFGC lololol gm made me love you by showing me stuff you said all the time.


Who is Katie?

She is Katie.

FISSURE I haven't seen you on LL in a while what's up with that


I have an alt LL account i usually lurk the links on. i should probably start using my old account more.

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