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[Request] Visual basic 2008 tutorial


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jeez, too many replies x.x non useful x.x

That could be because non of us use VB or Eclipse. To be honest, you're better off using GameMaker over Eclipse, and that says a lot. GameMaker itself is fairly limited >_<. The thing with programming, you sometimes have to solve problems yourself lol(I understand that you're new to all of this). Could you perhaps ask that person who told you about adding a Chaos Gate menu to help you out on that?

Personally, I favor C# and C++ above all other languages.

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I tried C++ but i couldnt get any programs to work -.-

Try harder, lol.


I'd wait a couple months, Learn VB6 and Java in that time :D Eclipse is coming out with a VERY powerful java version sometime in the future. That's what I'm waiting for. EPIC EPIC EPIC

IMO at least. But yeah, Game Maker is also cool.

Oh god, Eclipse... lol. I'd very much rather prefer GameMaker over something like THAT. Or better yet, why not my own engine? *looks at projects folder* Oh, wait.. lol.

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