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Key OF +W1LI9H+

Guest Aura

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+EH fORC3 1$ 4WAKen1NG de3P WI+hin +3H C0r3 0Ph [+H3 WORLd] +h3 KEy 0Ph TWIL19H+ 1$ NEcE55ARY!

The force is awaking deep within the core of [The World], The key of Twilight is necessary.

Hmm, that is what I think it says, but the thing is what it means.  Meeting her up in the Cathedral, could be a key.  Gate de Berg is the most likely thing we can see something interesting though. 

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beleive, do not beleive, this is the perseption of people, always crossing both ways, ending seprate, you speak of aura as a puppet? some will translate you as a puppet. some will not, there will be conflict to your existance, battle, war, this is what we the people of the world deal with this. you speak aura as a puppet? speak for yourself how your any different.

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Apeiron has a good point, but as mentioned in another post about IRNA, her power level is over 9000, so there is a chance she is not a puppet.

I believe it's 9,001. Which is indeed over 9,000. I guess IRNA gets around the internet. Or at least 4chan.

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