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  1. now that i have returned. if i am able to return to the game ( get it to work this time XD) i'll be updating this and resuming it... i'll update you all when possible, thank's for the comments :D
  2. i read a manga that is also a book....... and that i don't believe i saw on any lists... although i could be wrong.. Vampire Kisses
  3. Banned for having an avatar with that haircut.
  4. Bear

    still failing

    for some reason, now the install folder auto pops up on my desktop( not that it seems to make a difference) yeah, i was thinking about taking a disk or flash drive or something and putting a copy of my friends working version on it, then putting that copy on my computer. think it'd work?
  5. i believe he was thinking of how in the show, on someone's desktop you had to choose log in to bring up the screen, or bbs to bring that up... in other words he's thinking of making it like the desktop from the show... >.> but i may be wrong. and already being planned... well.. great minds think alike...( the AI AURA i had to explane to him XD)
  6. if i had a dollar for every time I've seen or read the word battle system today, i'd..... only have about five bucks.......
  7. oh i forgot to say it..... er hem NOW ACCEPTING MEMBERS [open for business]
  8. i was discussing items and monsters and such for [The World] with my friend( who is suppose to be joining the forums and maybe helping make the game soon) and we came up with a few ideas. Virus Cores: my first thought was rip off, but then i got an idea. though it can be considered an illegal object to keep with the dot hack standard, a virus core( if found) will add a certain amount of boost to your stats for so many battles, unless you die in which case you will loose this effect until another one is used. an AURA AI: may be useful for a few events eh? a flashmail/e-mail system( both in game and log in screen type stuff a more .hackish menu( this was his idea, so i'll let him explane) any comments are welcomed.
  9. Bear

    still failing

    to be honest, i wish i could. but i got this computer for christmas a few years ago, and it was used then..... i badly need a new one. gm helped me figure the problem out i think. Settings.DAT isn't downloading all the way, but everything els seems to be working fine.
  10. i was accessing from a friends house and computer, and i found the note written on the root towns board. i rushed to the area, when i read the board there, i had to ask the friend to come over and assist me in decoding it. all i got was the message. when i went to the area i assumes the message was speaking of i found that a few more levels than i remember had been added. i followed them down and finally my search came to a dead end, with nothing but gibberish written on the only things worth looking at. though i was alone in the game, my friend was watching the entire time.
  11. i'm reviving my old guild. once again we are a guild that allows pking, as long as it's not someone who is Waaaaaaaay below your level. like for example if you are level 10 and they are level two.... don't kill them unless they attack you first. we are also a guild that will be in the business of trading items(Black market) and such businesses.... to join here is the application. Name: PC Name: Level:(for a latter date, leave blank) class: (for a latter date, leave blank) Job within the guild you wish to have: List of jobs(with descriptions): Assassin: hired pk Trader(Regular): merchant of regular items in towns Trader( Black Market): sells strange items for a bit higher price, and can be found in different places Healer: a hired healer Spy: a hired spy to gather information for you more to come. List of members: Name:Bear PC Name:Overdrive Level:(for a latter date, leave blank) class: (for a latter date, leave blank) Job within the guild you wish to have:Trader(Black Market), Assassin, spy, guild master
  12. Bear

    still failing

    currently attempting to get my IM to work correctly, but i'll tell you all the problems i'm having. when i get to the menu loading page and it gets to the third file it stops and says" failed to load settings.Dat" then it begins to tell me it failed to loat external files and stuff, and finally it just closes.
  13. my menu is still epic failing at loading, but i have a slightly unethical plan. and i wanna know if any of you think it'll work.
  14. it's just this simple.... in this world there are puppets and puppeteers, could it be she's a puppeteer?
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