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  1. Ok I will fix the stair problem, it actually ticks me off too, XD
  2. Sorry guys been out for like 2 days, my computer was hit by some virus, and all my passwords were given somewhere (that was scary) literally a window poped showing my password, don't know if it really gave them away somewhere afar, but now I got my computer fully restored and changed all my passwords for everything :D. I'll be working on those maps from blootopy, he gave me some work to do :P. Now about blood willow, I don't know if I have any from you, you can pm me if you'd like.
  3. I would gladly like to work with Yatana it would make it easier for two to work on it. Yatana you can pm Luke and I about it. :D
  4. I hear her speaking to [The World] from far away. Its been a while since AURA, lets see for how she will be silenced. :D
  5. Well, he already knows me and what I do, Im not exactly new around here :D. Thats all I'll say. :P
  6. Alright I will see how I can add you Blood Willow.
  7. Banned for never hearing about Chrono Cross, go and play it!!! :D
  8. Yeah I was not too sure where to post it, thanks btw.
  9. Blood Willow check this out: http://theworld.gd-u.com/bbs/index.php?topic=2267.msg29194#new
  10. My psn ID name is StrifeXIII so add me whoever plays PS3 around here.
  11. Alright Im checking it, I think Luke told me he would hand over the maps to me so I we can get things rolling and some updates. :D
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