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Hawt Horne Duke


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Did you know that the Sega Saturn actually had 3D acceleration(contrary to popular belief) and games underutilized its graphical hardware due to a rushed release and an incomplete development kit that wasn't fully realized until towards the end of its life span? :D 

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19 hours ago, hawthorneluke said:


Need before/after comparisons :D

Here's Panzer Dragoon Saga released in 1998


And here's Panzer Dragoon 1 as one of the launch titles of the Saturn.


Here's Nights Into Dreams.. released at the midpoint of the Saturn's lifespan..


and then here's Burning Rangers, released around the same time as Panzer Dragoon Saga.



The games were just simply showing off various techniques on the Saturn that were otherwise thought impossible. Panzer Dragoon Saga had RGB point-based lighting on top of proper transparency on meshes, same goes for Burning Rangers. I'm aware that everything I linked was 1st party Sega stuff.. that was intentional. This is just to point out how the different teams at Sega began to exploit the power of the Saturn at the later part of its lifespan. If only they had given it more support and time, it could have stood a chance. :poop: 


Also Virtua Fighter 3(which was completed not once, but two times for the Saturn) is said to push at most (700-750),000 polygons per second which would be incredibly impressive as that is well within N64-range, if not better in some scenarios. The thing that the N64 had over the other two consoles was the fact that SGI pushed for pixel performance over how many polygons they were able to render. Imo, that was a wise choice in retrospect. 


Anyways back to the Virtua Fighter 3 thing.. allegedly there was a 3D Accelerator addon being developed for the Saturn or at least, considered. People usually refer to 3dfx being the ones behind this hardware, but I cannot say for certain how far that project got. Sux. Also, the N64 hardware's technically a product of Sega's if you trace back the history of how SGI began pitching to game developers with their new hardware. They worked with Sega first, then Sony(who refused outright) only to land on Nintendo. Tom Kalinske worked with SGI for awhile before Sega of Japan finally canned the deal. Quite sad, really.. would have really changed things had they just stuck with em.


Oh, and lastly... 


How could I forget this?


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