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(This may or may not go here) Can this player be banned?

Blood Willow

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He comes online then is instantly rude to me. And he won't be very friendly to have around our younger players.

Name: BigOl'SloppyRichard

Exhibit A: When he first arrives


Exhibit B: When he asks if I made the game


Exhibit C: When Curtis came online


I personally don't think he would be a good example for our younger players. I reported him, but I thought this way people could watch out for him. And this way people know how rude he is.

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blood willow: some ppl come onto this game simply to make fun of it and annoy players, he shouldnt be banned but some kind of warning should be placed on him. that is if his attention span is long enough to ever log in again

That doesn't make it right! I'm glad he was banned.

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