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Aura's Rebirth Guild has been revived!


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the Aura's Rebirth, named after the 'aura' events that happened. the guild was formed with the first three to step foot in BDG. the guild studies all the phenomenon that revolves around 'the world'. it was disbanded after the events started dying down, but the new 'g' area that has appeared has re-banded the guild for the 3rd time to discover the events that are unfolding before everyone else discovers it. we need people who can keep quiet about the events and discover new ones before the general public does. the guild members are considered equal and no leader is set for the guild, we have quests to prove events and report them on the 'Rumor board' or keep them very quiet. guild sign ups may be written below.

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>_> The Aura event has completely died, not just 'died down', y'know?

In light of that, you may want to do some re-naming, if you insist on making an event-driven guild.

i think your right, rutao, a proper renaming should be in order! suggestions for names can be posted below because im to lazy to make a new topic for it. :D

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Anji Roru Aurarios:D/b] "Gee...that is such a long entitled guild. Can't it be something simple yet attracting? It feels....well....sort of too long..."

Demora Roru Aurarios:P/b] "Just do what he wants, sis.  I am sure he will do as he pleases himself to create the guild about the relation of the Aura event and so forth."

Anji Roru Aurarios:P/b] "Uhm...okay then.........."

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