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Ello everyone!


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I was looking around, up-dating my self of information about .hack// then i started looking for game that i can play that work on my PC n that i can DW.

I came across this in a post on Gaia ? saying it was not dead.

I'm going to have a look at this game for a bit, and when im bord most likly your find me on here.

Well now to the info:

I live in Australia so times zones are a problem,

I'm still going through god damn high school >=(

I go on lots of online games including, PWI,FPWI,RoM,FH,WO ( Perfect World International, Fake PWI, Runes of Magic, Feral Hearts, Wonderland Online),

I'm a .hack// fan but my perents would't get me the games so i watch the anime and read the manga and go on info sites

Also i would just like to know:


Cya in game~

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Here are some New Member FAQ's :D

NO, there are no monsters in the game. They'll come later. Probably after the combat system.

NO, there is not a combat system yet.

NO, we don't know when it will be ready, but we can assure you that there are people working on that as we type.

NO, there are no NPC's. Unless you ask for an exploding cake. But you'll find out about that soon enough :P.

NO, the shops don't work yet. They closed fool! No NPC's to watch 'em.

NO, there is not a friend's list. Because we don't need no friend's sucka! *sarcasm*

YES, there are guilds!

YES, you can join one!

YES, there are more maps.

NO, we will not just simply give away the keywords.

YES, some players are nice enough to try and help you figure out the keywords. Usually with hints.

YES, You can host events and participate in other events hosted by fellow Members.

YES, This game is under development.

Did I miss anything?

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when it's done, it'll be friggen epic, almost as epic as Apei's friggen solid gold armor

yes. my armor plays a greater role then myself :P

just a quick word of warning i give to -most- new players: the forums are filled with madmen and the game is filled with air XP

now that thats cleared up, welcome to GD-U!

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