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[Map List] discovering The World


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A list of map names (not keywords) of known maps currently in The World.

If you would like to contribute a map name, please post or PM me the name of the map as it shows on your gate list, NOT the keyword, and I will add it to the list.

Chaos Gate

Far Chosen Destiny

Gate de Berg

Hulle Granz Cathedral

Hulle Granz Cathedral...

Morrigu Barrow Wall

Neo D'Ark di Fede

Paradise of the Dawn

Rebirth Chamber

Sin Ran Hati

Sinking Distant Holyground

'Sol Areia' Square

Sun Spire

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  • 2 weeks later...

man, even more than i thought.. i think i only have like 11 or so lol.

Don't feel bad bud. I'm far behind too due to my absence for awhile. I did find the v-tines one, though! And one other I do believe.. :D

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'sol areia' square

sun spire

Hulle Granz cathedral

Sinking Distant holyground

Hulle Granz cathedral...

gate de berg

Chaos gate

Rebirth chamber

Neo D-ark di fede

far chosen Destiny

Snowy field

Sinking Distant holyground?

Mother Natures mantle

Morrigu Barrow wall


paradise of the dawn

Sin ran hati

Saint valentines day

aqua capital Mac anu

Slow Forbidden death

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lol are you randomly guessing key words? :P (im joking)

He's not joking! @_@

Actually, knowing Crim he is lol. There are a lot of maps, some of which are tricky...I've tried a few patterns and such to see if I could decode one or two by luck...

If anyone wants to swap info and stuff (Not giving out actual keywords, just stuff that we've tried) I'm down for a get-together info-meeting. Would be fun! XoX

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