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  1. ah.... I lost to a 28K in gokgs o.o hows that possible??? im 15K

  2. But.. the sol map theres much more features... like inn, tavern, and other stuff
  3. haha a pogaymon trainer
  4. Well.. it would be my first pk =)
  5. How nice.. i was in the INN some minutes ago, and I saw three new players there. Of course.. i helped them to read the board and get the new 4 maps (well..one of them was already saying things like: just give the dawn words... i dont care), after giving 20 hits they got to gate de berg.. and for what? After 4 hints and a lot of yelling.. they finnaly got to the labyrinth map.. yay. After that i received: "Okay, no more games "super genius". and some "Next time just give the dawn words", and they went to the dungeon writing the words in the global... -.-' I was thinking.. good thing this game dont have a battle system.. or i would be the first pker in the world haha
  6. So... instead of treasure box in the end of the dungeons... we'll find blocks floating in the air? =D Maybe I can get the frog suit
  7. It remember me the old good games like ragnarok and priston tale *-* Its a "cute" game, but very fun =D
  8. ahhhh =( i failed in a interview cuz my java knowledge is incomplete.. that sounds unfair..

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    2. gm112


      If you take "java" and "knowledge", put them in one, you get her job title ;P.

      That sucks.. what sort of applications would you be writing if you were to get that job?

    3. lelouchxLamperouge
    4. Fragment
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