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New map keywords?


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umm. figure them out for yourself if there are just like everyone else.

im not trying to be mean, but if you just get them without work, it makes the people who worked hard figureing it out pretty angry from being unfair.

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Who knows if there is an 8th map or a 9th map for that reason.

There are probably a lot of secrets in [The World]

If you really want to find this "8th map" then search everywhere and everything, every corner, maybe some recent maps, some aura-related maps, who knows, maybe you'll find something.

As for me? I spent a long time with Melphina searching for this 8th map and we found nothing. I'm going to believe it's a rumour for now.

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Well you see... As players of the world, influenced by the .hack manga and/or games, we want to portray the characters from that game, or in nature, it just makes sense to know all the maps.

Not knowing the maps makes us (Some of us) extremely curious.

I like knowing all the maps.

Especially if Balmung is hiding in one... Grr...

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