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Mini Game Suggestion thread!

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OKay I know that theres hardly any spriters and stuff... but  i just feel like posting these ideas.. ^^

How bout making a mini game  in Sinking Distant Holy ground where its like a wack a mole or something... like you go talk to a snowman and he gives you a quest/mini game where you have to hit/get rid of a certain amount of moles or something that are wreaking havok in the snow..  then your score gets posted up on a highschore board.. :P maybe the game can be something like this  http://nonoba.com/we-die-young/stomp-that-alien

or something livelier becuase it might become monotonous (SP?)..:P...I dunno just an idea.. :D  Ill add more if anything comes to mind.. ^^


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Wow. That's a really cool idea. Smittee could actually talk to a snowman then, and see it reply! O.O The snowmen ARE alive!!!!! XD

Seriously, this sounds like a neato idea. Not only would it give something interesting to do on The World, but it can give morale a plus, while creation is still going on.

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Okay so.. Since you asked for a mole or something then here ya go :]


Thats a fat cutesy mole and heres another one.. :P


And some kind of cute blob thingy.. :D


and... Another one :0! But a different color.


and a purple one...


Dang thats alot .. :P  but yeah... x] That mini game would be awsome.... and like Smittee Said it would raise players Morale... :]

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...What? :D

Not too sure what mini game that is, but if you mean you want player character avatars as the famous .hack characters, then I'd have to ask, Do you want a load of the same old haseo and kite's running around? :x

yesh biggrin.png its just that i forgot the thread was about mini games
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Having avatars EXACTLYY Like the .hackers is very unoriginal...:P  And boring since your gonna see like proabably 4 kites and 2 black roses in the same room all fighting to see who is the "Real" kite... lol...but no.. that sounds cheapy and creepy .. :P (Lol that rhymed xD!.)

but  ~Anyways~

Lets get back on topic to the minigames.. :P

Umm  For the minigames is it possible that the area could switch to side view, depending on the game. Kinda of Like the tales of side view.. but without the fighting.. but for the  whack a mole, and your characters back is facing the screen and in front of your character are the moles  (or whatever animal.) and you have to like press (or click?) the arrow keys  to whack them.. >.<  Its just a thought.. :P until we get more spriters or something... :P  And there can be a highscore board... :P  I dont think this would be too hard.. but like Luke mentioned earlier... Saving the players data  and and saving it to the game and all that oher stuff would be hard... I think.. :D 

But it definitly would give morale a boost.. biggrin.png!

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The thing is with that, it's sounding like the mini game would be single player only? But meh, I guess if there is some high score thing it may interest people for a while tongue.png

Also, it's not that it's all that hard, just that it's not all as simple as opening game maker and sticking in a few objects/sprites/rooms with a bit of simple code and clicking create executable like you may do with a normal single player game :D

I'll add that idea to my list of simple things to stick in the game to keep people occupied lol. Just that, what sort of simple mini game would be good? Whack a mole? Something else? Also, I'll be needing the graphics to make this real, so if any of you could find the graphics to do so (after you've decided on the type of mini game you want), you'd be helping this game a lot! If we all pull together to get things done, we can be going places :P

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