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  1. :D That would be kewl O: but i bet its gonna be kinda hard to program and stuffs and and and laaag. >_< (lol i'm vague xD.)
  2. Lol yeah xD some tiles keep changing to random stuff :D idk why... Dx
  3. Yeah, like they turn or something O: lol I feel ignorant xD
  4. Okay so I made these maps long ago and like yeah... They might be noobish in your eyes, but in mine, theyre not (: and I'm not even sure if this is the right section to post maps in. :D I think it best suits this area from what I've observed.. o.o so yeah o.O here it is.. Its Hy Brasail. o.o http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh56/hellsing_lover/hyBrasail1-1.jpg http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh56/hellsing_lover/hybrasail2.jpg http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh56/hellsing_lover/hybrasail3.jpg http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh56/hellsing_lover/hyBrasail1.jpg and sorry that it looks messed up on some parts. >.< Some tiles keep changing. Btw its not done... yet (:
  5. Lol @ Syoshi xD! Wow o.O I didn't think mah post would attract much attention. :D! but wowzer... o.O I still think ze whole werewlf class thing when you reach a certain level, is a good idea.. o.O Imo. And lol Vampires xD it sounds kinda funny after reading what I posted a few months ago.. lol
  6. o.O How about putting it in game? o.o instead of the Main menu... o.O Cuz then we'll have more of a reason to log in and stuffs. O: Just an idea (:
  7. O.o Dude why not werewolves? O.O Like Ouka was one and it seemed very awsome, especially for her class o.o ... Bunnies and Cats sounds kewl x] .. o.O And Yeah theres this Whole 'Vampire' crap going on like twilight and such.. x_x it retardified vampires for me.. :( but the Hellsing Vampires are... :) kewlio imo. o_o
  8. Umm about the shapshifters thing.. O.o Wouldnt that mean that you can like turn into any race? O.o well if I'm right about that then i think only high level players should be able to gain that ability through a superhard quest. o.o OR maybe they can turn into a shapeshifter once they turn into all races? O.o (like do a vampyre quest and a werewolf quest and etc.) o.O Hmm, the angel race seems like a kewl idea. :D but how about like <.< they umm are 'Neutral angels'. And like if they want to be a light or dark angel, they have to complete a quest for it. o.o And if they wanna be both then they gotta do both quests..? O.o Wow very complex? >.< And Vampyres should tottallyyy be in it. :P Vampyres= Awsomeness 8D
  9. Soooooo... Anyways, I believeeee that there should be races in the game but I have two ideas and I'm not really sure which one is best.. >.< SO here they are. (: 1.that like players shoudl choose their race in the beginning of the game. :P Like maybe in the character creation menu thingy you can choose your race before hand. (: 2. that you dont get to choose a race, you have to complete a quest to [shadow=red,left]become[/shadow] that race.. o.o like you start off as a human but if you wanna be a race ( like a werewolf, Reptilian, Vampyre, Etc..) you gotta complete a quest of initiation or make a remedy or something and collect certain items, mix them and eat them... ? o.o and after a while your character becomes that race... ( it can vary on race.) OR Maybe the vampyres request that you bring them an X amount of blod or to kill a certain type of monster. and maybe the werewolves require you to meet them at night and bring them meat or a carcass or something.. :D ya know? Like a offering. >.> And maybe there can be Hybrids o.o! (this is getting complex.. >.<) Like Werewolf Vampyres (lol) I dont think most mmos have these.. :P Blahh my minds going crazy.. >_< Anndd umm Maybe you get attacked by a vampire and unless you take a remedy or something you become one. O.O! Welll I still wanna blabber on about ALOT of stuff but I guess I'll do that later on. o.o Let your mind go crazehh! 8D ( about races of course ::P.)
  10. OH MAHH GAWDDD :P Yes there should be beasts.. :P Like werewolves, or snake people :P (lol). Maybe they can be called reptilians and can have some special attribute or something for their skin.... Like its rough and hard soo maybe it can have armor engraved into their character.. :D And werewolves can change into wolves!! :P (That would be awsome. x] ) And Like someone said before ( I can't remember who it was and I'm too lazy to look :P ) There should be a Fighter class or umm That class Ouka was in. O.o thee um Kickboxing/Grappler class. o.o and guns would Be COOL but I Dont think it would be fair cuz some players would be able to weild it and others wouldnt and it would be a disadvantage... but I could be wrong. O: I think i should make a sepereate topic thingy for races... o.o and umm so heres mah list Twin Blades. :P heavy blades Fighter class o.O (the kickboxing/grappler class but I think 'Fighter' sounds kewl.. and i think it was the name in .hack//legend but I'm Not sure... o.o) Wavemasters Heavy Axeman (I think this is different from the heavy blade but I dunno.) Twin Blade Adept Rogue Flick Reaper Swordsman o.o? But but but but like the werewolve race should be available to uperlevel characters.. o.o like maybe they can complete a quest and become werewolves.. gahh I should make a topic about this.. :P
  11. Goal lugged digger returned daylight torrential laughter regarless snake
  12. I AGREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. With apeiron. :P cuz like new players will get all mad/frustrated and'll leave ze game.. o.o which is a BAD thing. :D
  13. COOOOOOOOOOOL 8D Can I use it too? o.o
  14. I'm not a mapper or anything but here http://i253.photobucket.com/albums/hh56/hellsing_lover/BeachBiiiiiiiiiirrrrrd.png Boredom+Me=Maps. Lol xD P.s. Please tell me what I can do to make it better... >.< hmm I think I should make a thread about it but Im not sure... @.@
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