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.Hack//The World

Guest Sanha_Trio

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Guest Sanha_Trio

As the epitath-wielders tackle The Worlds big issues, the other ordinary players have to deal with the momumental changes in their game. Set during the third game, .hack//The World follows a group of 'normal' players as they strive to tackle the virused monsters.

Or at least 'save' the players being attacked by these near impossible to defeat beasts. Joining with each other over the board, these virus protectors strive to save those that the .hackers simply don't have the time to reach


- No perversely powerful characters. All characters should be about level 50 (able to fight the virused creatures but not defeat them.)

- No Godmodding.

- No RPing another persons character unless you have their express permission.

- Replies must be literate, no trucated sentances. Proper speechmarks and other punctuation should be used.

- No mixed classes (A Wavemaster is a wavemaster - a heavy blade cannot use an axe etc.)

- You are allowed a Maxium of two characters with the GM's playing any NPCs.

- Characters must be approved before you start play.

- Anyone who want's to be a part of this roleplay MUST send me a message with the character sheet filled out in it.

Concerning Posting:

- Board posts (Where a character has posted a message) should be clearly marked (in a colour of your choice.)

- Ooc (Out of character posting) should be clearly marked with (( )) to show the message.

This should enable us to differentiate between the two.

Characters Sheet:

Your characters sheet could contain the following information:

Name: (Your display name)

Character name: (The characters name)

Age: (Characters age, both in and outside of the game)

Players Gender: (Characters gender in Reality)

Class: (Heavy blade, heavy axe, long arm, Wavemaster, twinblades, blade user)

Weapon: (Type and appearance)

Element: (which of the six types does you character have an affinity with.) (earth, water, fire, wood, thunder, darkness.)

Appearance: (What does the character look like? Is there someone everyone knows that they'll look like?)

Personality: (How the character acts, including over the board.)

Attitude towards the world: (What does your character think of the world?)


(This one will be mine, and it will also be an example.)

Name: Sean

Character name: Night


in game - 16

Real world - 20

Players Gender:

in game - male

Real world - male

Class: Twinblade


.. Name; Blazing Claws

.. Appearance; The blades have an handle but also attach to my wrists. The blades themselves are red and yellow in colour, two blades per side straight yet angled. youll see better in the pic.

.. Skills; summon firedrak, twin dragon, blazing storm, fire slash.

Element: Fire

Appearance:http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y1...ro/Spykeomg.jpg  (A colour vesion will be coming soon, but for now I'll just say he has a lot of black and red on him)

in game - see pic.

Real world - see pic.

Personality: If he sees someone in trouble he helps, often wandering off before he gets asked anything. hes very private and mysterious.

Attitude towards the world: Night is oftern seen in the world, roaming searching for rare items. Normally because the rare items are guarded by high level monsters.

You MUST send me a message with your character sheet filled out on it.

We now have 3 people, so now we can start.

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Name: Bulletcatcher (obviously)

Character name: Dorali

Age: 14-16 in-game/14 IRL

Players Gender: Male

Class: Twin-Blade

Weapon: Diablo Blades

Element: Thunder

Appearance: Grey and Black clothes. There is a tear at his right shoulder, where a dark, thunder wave-symbol shows through. He wears a long sleeved tunic, with a half-sleved vest on top of it. A belt holds his weapons, which is loosely fitted around his waist. He wears baggy pants. Gloves end his sleeve and his pant leg falls over thick, black boots. He has dark brown hair and yellow eyes, lined with dark orange. His hair falls down to the middle of his neck and bangs hang neatly on his forehead.

Personality: He is quiet and solemn around strangers, but around those close to him he can open up.

Attitude towards The World: He is aware of the problems in The World, but sees them as mere myths and some kind of event planned by CC corp.

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Name:Not now

Character name:Sori-Mitsukai Lv.1


Players Gender:Male

Cl!@#$%:twin blades

Weapon:*Note these weapons are level-scaled and are blades.*Demon's inpure claw/Angel's pure wing



Body:has black and white armor with yin yang symbols on him

Head:dark Grey with light Grey highlights With one white eye and one black eye

Personality:Loves to battle only everything else is boring for him.

Attitude towards the world:Uses the world because he is bored although even in the world he is still bored when he is not fighting.





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Guest Sanha_Trio

((No, i'm making the first post very long...here it is.))

Night has gated into the root town

"*sigh* man, There's way too many people here right now." Night said irritated. He decided that he was going to go to a area. Once he got there, he picked an area and warped to it.

" Ok, let's see if this place has something that could be worthwhile..." Night said, getting his twin blade's out.

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Sori Gated into the root town

"This is THE WORLD kinda exciteing I guess but I think fighting would be fun,*sigh* just need to know how to teleport to a place to fight well this what I get for not reading the manual but the manual is so boring" thinking sori.

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Dorali has gated into the root town

*Mac Anu beamed with light amidst the midnight darkness programmed into the game. All around him, there were scores of players around the chaos gate.*

"Meh, all noobs," Dorali noted.

*He continued past the crowd when he ran into a black and white garbed twin blade user. Dorali was not in a good mood. He turned to admonish the other twin blade when he recognized his eyes. Each were a different color, black and silver. His clothes were lined with yin and yang symbols, and on his waist were two high level-looking blades. He knew almost immediately that this was his real life friend, who won special weapons when Dorali took him to a CC corp convention. Dorali was amazed a level one player could even wield them.*


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"Let's go to this field," Dorali said as he input the keywords into the chaos gate.

Delta Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

*He drew his weapons as a magic portal appeared a little further off. As he was about to charge into it, the portal opened. Dorali was stunned as he saw a black and red twin blade appear to quickly kill the emerging goblins. Dorali led Suri to him and the twin blade turned.*

"Uh, hello."

((BTW, you know there are no epitaph wielders in The World R:1, right?...))

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*Dorali turned, about to walk away.*

"Excuse my friend, he's a little excited today," Dorali took a step away from Sanha and stopped, "I'm Dorali. We should get together sometime and do a dungeon."

*Dorali sends his member address, and toggled to whisper mode towards Suri.*

"Send your member address to him"

*He then gated out, leaving Sanha and Suri alone.*

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Guest Sanha_Trio

"Ah, ok, I got both of them. Yeah we all should form a party sometime soon. OH, i'll send you a message with some tips on how to start the game." He said.

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Guest Sanha_Trio

"Why dont we all form a party right now?" He asked.

hehe, i'll get all kinds of items if I party with them, and it will also be fun.

*sends suri party inventation.*

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*Dorali waited next to the gate for Suri*

What's taking him so long?...

*The thought occured to him. What if something happened to Suri? Then he would be responsible for it. Who knows? Maybe that guy was a PK. He warped to the field again. They weren't there. All portals were open. They should be in the dungeon. He hurried to the dungeon entrance.*

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Guest Sanha_Trio

Night heard someone running up behind him. He turned around to see dorali. "Hi, your friend and I were just about to form a party with eachother, then we were going to find you and add you to our party." He said, showing dorali to where suri was. Suri was at the side of the dungeon."Want to join?"

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