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So the rules of this topic is basically to just keep the topic somewhere around someone else's project or your own. Please share a screenshot or more if possible! Describe what you're doing, and focus on fun. :P

On April Fools day, I decided to start working on some game engine stuff called "Ganjinge".. Right now I'm doing a test build and it's currently stepping through building the third party dependencies first. Nothing interesting to show off, yet.. but here's the build output


Update 4/2/2016 7:00PMI thought I would show off the Windows demo running successfully on Linux(using a different tileset this time). The ugliness in how stretched out everything is comes through the view being upscaled in to an awkward aspect ratio. That's totally my fault. Also, Valgrind doesn't seem to think that there's a memory leak going on.



==17307== HEAP SUMMARY:

==17307== in use at exit: 130,914 bytes in 409 blocks

==17307== total heap usage: 17,280 allocs, 16,871 frees, 407,625,648 bytes allocated


==17307== LEAK SUMMARY:

==17307== definitely lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks

==17307== indirectly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks

==17307== possibly lost: 0 bytes in 0 blocks

==17307== still reachable: 130,914 bytes in 409 blocks

==17307== suppressed: 0 bytes in 0 blocks

==17307== Rerun with --leak-check=full to see details of leaked memory


==17307== For counts of detected and suppressed errors, rerun with: -v

==17307== ERROR SUMMARY: 0 errors from 0 contexts (suppressed: 0 from 0)




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Posting another screenshot for my game engine project. This time just code because I want to keep the work-in-progress a special surprise for a summer release. :o Nah, I wish it were special. Just a tech demo, nothing special.



Pictured here is one part of my event-entity system. There's really nothing too crazy going on here except the function pointer casting that's happening within the std::find() callback. Through this, I'm able to have a nice standardized interface for calling into all sorts of subsystems. At the core level these things could be input events, or entity->entity  events, or in the game world you can look at this as a way to implement "teleport player to <poop>". 

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Yeah, in C++11 they do have std::function which is a better alternative syntax-wise to function pointers. But, I'm using function pointers hah. C-style syntax will always be ugly though. After coding in JS, this looks clean from what I'm normally used to >_< 

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What on earth did you do with JS for that to be true (not siding with JS though lol)

Write a production project. This is a problem that's slowly getting better (ES6 Syntax sugar for class's is far superior to prototypes syntax wise). Deal with nodejs for a bit. Write JS for a major site. Honestly, JS just looks messy as its code grows. On the desktop everything shares a global namespace, and to some extent nodejs projects do too but they're more isolated. JS has some issues they still need to sort out, hah. :P I love JS, btw. I think it's a language that has potential to really bridge the gap between languages like C and high level languages like C#, since it does produce fast binaries under v8. :P 



auto function = []() { std::cout << "hello!\n"; };
function(); //"hello!"

ES5 - object literals (there's other syntax, but this one's the cleanest of the ES5 versions imo)

var object = {
     someFunction: function() { 

ES6 js

class SomeClass {

       someFunction() {
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Well, well, well... I might as well show something. That little JS experiment didn't amount to anything. Decided doing a game with netplay would be stupid, so I canned it. The testbed is still online on my site, however.  https://bluedreamers.com/test/

I apologize for the shitty FPS drops on some machines. The physics engine isn't friendly. May release the sauce code to this after some cleanup effort.

Bonus included is a little bit of the server code. It got a tad messy. Also third bonus, scrapped testmap that I made originally as a surprise to ZFGC but ultimately gave up on it along with the netplay idea as both were kind of interconnected.




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The point of this thread isn't to criticize anybody but to encourage them to be more vocal and open about what it is they're up to.. anybody who comes in here and start critiquing peoples stuff will just look like buttheads! :) 

Talking about what you're working on can be a good exercise. If you feel nervous, then more reason to participate.. 


And that's a nice little progression to the initial specifications. Python 3? And are you using any source control since this is a group project?

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Eh, it's really up to you if you want to for your own benefit. I would advise for it but the effort isn't always worth it when you're dealing with the likes of university imo.. Do you feel comfortable with Git? No? Maybe you should make use of it more. Yes? Then you're as cool as a $20 icee from the movies.

Also a part of life as a developer inevitably involves dealing with people who don't follow practices or really have a good understanding of what they're doing. So, consider this the easy way to getting a taste of that. :P

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As a learning exercise, I would try to break up that Application object into several classes. i.e. "Chessboard", "chess piece", etc.. It would help you organize responsibility in other places. That being said, I took a glance over your code and couldn't help but notice the queens() function didn't seem to writeback to the original path var(seems you're only writing to a local instance).. Was this the problem you fixed?

Anyways -- look forward to seeing what it looks like!

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Oh and, full disclosure: I'm assuming Python's memory semantics follow what most interpreted languages with local variables being their own copies of whatever object they're being assigned to. I'm pythonically-retarded.. haven't touched that language in years. Though, I would love to give Python 3 a go. In JS this actually isn't the case for objects leading to confusion among developers at times. (arrays and some primitives are excluded) But anyways, I digress. 


Something I've dabbled with for the past 7 months. The program in the screenshot is DefelMask and it's a tracker(so think before we had modern DAWs like Fruity Loopz or Ableton). But what makes this one special is that it contains emulator sound cores allowing you to compose music with classic sound chips. I happen to have a fond attraction to FM synthesis so naturally the Sega Genesis was a good choice. As far as the song goes, it was an experiment to try and capture an old feeling that hasn't been present in game music for quite some time. Capcom, Sega and Konami used to be kings at drum and bass, house, etc style of music.  Basically its somewhat of a sample loop just repeated out for a few minutes.. I'm still learning, ugh >_<..  



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On 07/07/2017 at 2:09 AM, Melphina Micaela said:

Believe me, splitting things up into classes has been weighing on my mind for a while now, but this is due in a few hours so it hasn't really been a priority. I don't mind sacrificing a few points for focusing on overall functionality instead. I honestly wish I could have had more time with this, but I'm doing the best I can with what I've got and I think it's coming out pretty well.

Yeah, that's fair enough honestly. At least you thought about it. It's the thought that counts. :)

On 07/07/2017 at 2:09 AM, Melphina Micaela said:

The issue with backtracking was simplified before attempting to fix it by cleaning up a bit with variables and such, so that's already been taken care of. I managed to get the backtracking working as well so the program is basically complete minus a few bugs I'm trying to weed out! But no, the problem was elsewhere. Specifically, I was updating the path the wrong way and ended up being fed the NoneType I sort of outlined up there. I was too lazy to fix it before I made that post though. Currently, that function looks a lot different on my side.

I gotchya. Well, every little bit of code accounts for more exp points!


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On 08/07/2017 at 4:05 AM, Melphina Micaela said:

It basically works except for five buttons which cause it to break for some random reason (A8, H1, F7, G6, G5) but otherwise it's fine. Code could be prettier, but this is what I turned in so here's some sample output which shows that it essentially works and displays attack paths after the user chooses the initial queen's placement. If the solution based on your initial queen's position calls for your initial queen to be placed somewhere else along the row it'll do that for you. You can toggle the attack paths by clicking on a queen again and the Options menu up top has a Reset and Quit.

Hey -- there's only so much you can do while learning/figuring out this project and collaborating with somebody who is going through something similar with a timelimit on your head. Not to mention, irl responsibilities. Compromises must be made! The fact you were able to complete something that fulfilled the initial needs of the assignment is worth more than any of those small little nuances anyways. :) I think you're doing just fine and you should keep on going! Nice job on the Chess game. :) Now you can rest easy.

14 hours ago, Crim said:

i feel like ive contributed in here without actually doing so. :ph34r:

That's just fine n dandy. You can by one of the bystanders who comes in and :theoneandonlycrim:s every once in a while


Eh. Screw "cleaning up da code".. since this is a defunct project that lasted about a month anyways. So, I'm releasing that server prototype as open source under MIT. It may or may not be useful to somebody. :P 


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Well. Back again. This was a fun little side project I did a little bit ago. Essentially it was my attempt to bring Discord support to a friend's "Slack Bot".. ended up rewriting a good portion of their code but kind of stopped midway in. Which unfortunately ended up in them rejecting the pull request on this. I'll get back to this sometime.. but for now, there ya go :P

Source code here: https://github.com/gm112/jokerify


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