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New .Hack anime


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yep thats right, there is a new .hack anime coming out..



from the little bit of info, i think it looks like it will be better than roots LOL.

Roots is okay. Legend of the Twilight or w/e is the bad one...Most fanfics are better than that! I mean, seriously...They turned Balmung into a wuss! D=

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woot does not even describe it fragment. the proper word for this is sdogwrnhobgwrnhgh;bvwnhtrnhl;l;l;l;l;l;l;l;b.n k.djnt.ljekrvglbjeihvgnelr.vgnswerk.jghwr.lknhtr.bnlthel.nbet.ln n

although the characters look a tad stupid XP

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