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Beta testing/tested?


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I beta tested before. It's always fun. Recently I start testing "mods" for games. I'm test Codename: JMOD [No idea] and get the best reply when i report a few bugs. To skip the needless messages I was reporting a few bugs which he seemed to ignore... And here we go!


Well, you are the only one experiancing these epic results, like not the shotgun but everything else... sounds kinda farfetched. Not saying your lying, just something is totally wonky here.
-Mar 26 2010, 2:24pm


Why would I lie to begin with? If I can get a good recording I'll gladly show results.
-Mar 26 2010, 6:55pm


Man, I tried again. Same results you are clear. I am debugging ATM.
- 15hours 4mins ago [since this was posted.]

Fail.  :v

So has anyone else ever tested? Got some stories perhaps?

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nothing super big.

Ive done Aion. (well, i was invited but i passed :D)(didn't know it was going to be a big type game)

Blur (currently)

risk your life 2

some that i don't remember because they were small. (things like maplestory, flyff, ect. those kind)

but i rarely ever sent bug reports.

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