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  1. Right in front of the entrance of the game. Under the name "Guard" so I can get mistaken as a NPC test :D
  2. A little slow on the draw here but I'll be on in about 15? Need to re-install.
  3. Xbox 360: XGD Knyght [P.S. My brother and his friend play Halo 3 matchmaking with this account :'| ] PS3: Kudegra [if I can remember what email I used...]
  4. I envy you! I need to get a job now. This computer is one year old and shutdown randomly. I believe it's because the graphics card overheats. :D I've been playing!: MW2 And I've been trying new MMOFPS's :'|
  5. What have you tested before? :D
  6. The DS wasn't big enough already? :D Just kidding. Whats new about it? I mean besides it being larger and a bigger display.
  7. I beta tested before. It's always fun. Recently I start testing "mods" for games. I'm test Codename: JMOD [No idea] and get the best reply when i report a few bugs. To skip the needless messages I was reporting a few bugs which he seemed to ignore... And here we go! Fail. :v So has anyone else ever tested? Got some stories perhaps?
  8. I don't understand this "Vista" problem i run vista and only had to run it administer this last update. If you can't i suggest going into the property's and making it autorun as administer. It should not proceed if it does you must reinstall and do as said before. :[
  9. You win chewing gum! Anyways Luke don't you have the ability to "merge" dupe threads with different information? This one has none of the class concept the other had and other minor things.[in my opinion that is] :D
  10. I thought it sounded as if they wanted to "Merge" the game with .Hack//The World. Of course that's just how i thought it sounded.
  11. THE INESCAPABLE GLITCH! Found it on both level 1 and 2 except when i recorded with a new recorder as a test i couldn't get the first level in... Then i decided to keep playing before getting stuck in roughly the same spot... Bottom right cornerish. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hlo_QazGpUM PLEASE forgive the horrible quality it was my first time using ZD Soft recorder and probably my last i have no idea why the screens so small... Watch in fullscreen the bug is at 1:54 read my comment.
  12. No need to apologize it was stupid of me not to wait and look into that. If anything i should apologize for such a useless thread. :undecided:
  13. Yeah that's a rough start... I should have done as i thought i should have but decided against it. And it wont happen again. See i was short on time and decided to post what was written when i overlooked the "Search" function. I am surprised to hear only four at the most are working seems like it must be tough. Mostly i was trying to ask how come there no glimpse of how the battle system worked but i should have used "Search" nonetheless. Also was this engine built or or was on used? It has the simple name of "Engine" :laugh:
  14. I remember this on the older site. I wasn't one of the first from what i know... I remember there was only one map ha ha then again i don't remember if there were codes yet or not... I logged in and look at the new character sprites... WHAT HAPPENED! Anyways I've noticed many things and like most of them and have many more questions. So here's one... Anyways thats the best of the many. I didn't have an excuse or even a reason why i haven't played or even used the forums seeing as my brother used or still does use the forums no idea... I can't say i had anything "Distracting" me from this and so i now play The World once again. I'll probably join a clan/guild sometime but I'd like to look into the list i have available. But this is what brought about the second question. I'd get some friends to play but their all about grind. :grin: Point me to the right direction so i won't have to scan the forums forever...
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