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  1. Happy Valentine Day~

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    2. Apeiron
    3. Balmung of the azure sky

      Balmung of the azure sky

      fragment i never heard of that before.. its better to let it out then keep it in and go emo

    4. Crim


      Every party has a pooper, That's why we invited you. Party pooper, party pooper. rofl.

  2. Feeling bored and my friend on FB is annoying me!

  3. Wow! Great pictures~I could never do that good T.T
  4. Sorry for my stupidity...But is that for The World?
  5. I can't get Mac Anu....*dizzy* Now I feel bad...
  6. Where did the Werewolf class went?
  7. I'm flying to korea tonight! :) Vacation is here~~~~

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    2. VCH


      Go beat em in StarCraft II

      ..or is that China

    3. hawthorneluke


      starcraft is south korea :P

      I went there once for two nights lol

      North Korea sounds fun.

    4. Crim


      those korean kids.. wasting their life playing video games. no wonder north korea doesn't like them.

  8. Rutao~~~I remember you~~~

  9. I dun really see those Ads since I use auto log-in :)
  10. I want christmas presents!!! oh, I'm not christian... :(

    1. lelouchxLamperouge


      *gives a christmas present* Your a rebel then

    2. Balmung of the azure sky

      Balmung of the azure sky

      :3 im not christian and i still get gifts! like a boss

  11. demon6867

    My game

    Death Puppet...Its made with Eclipse Evolution 2.7...I'm thinking about a adventure game...
  12. I'll stay away from crim if I ever see him! His awesomeness will crush my computer like a insect~
  13. demon6867

    My game

    Is this the right place, if not please forgive me... http://www.sendspace.com/file/jzwgfj < I was just making but no one wants to try it......T.T Still learning the controls though...
  14. Persona 3 Portable Yukari Takeaba and Mitsuru Kijiro
  15. You guys sure read alots of books in a day :) I'm reading C++ for dummies...
  16. demon6867


    Isn't that better than CC's current maps? (Haven't played it for sometime)
  17. Banned for banning having a life while you have a life too.
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