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A Poll on the Apeiron Knights' New Name!

Princess Rei

What name should the Apeiron Knights switch to?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What name should the Apeiron Knights switch to?

    • Xanthic Knights
    • Apeironian Guard
    • Ougon no Ryodan
    • gm112 Knights

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Since Apeiron doesn't like the Apeiron Knights' name, I'm guessing I either have to change it or keep it the way it is. So... I decided to make "a poll for the Apeiron Kngihts' new name!"

Here are your options:

1) Xanthic Knights

2) Apeironian Guard

3) Ougon no Ryodan

4) Apeiron Knights(Keep it the way it is.)

Apparently, Aku made a poll box since I couldn't find the "Add Poll" button. Poll ends Saturday, July 4th, 2009 12:00 pm Central. Happy Early July Fourth! A^-^

1) Xanthic Knights- 6 vote

2) Apeironian Guard- 5 votes

3) Ougon no Ryogan- 2 vote

4) Apeiron Knights(Keep it the way it is.)- 12 votes

The results are in and the winner is..... Apeiron Knights! We're keeping the Apeiron Knights' name! A^-^A

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