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  1. I'll post a new story durring our next adventure.
  2. I think everyone wants to know about them. I've been thinking of what they could be everytime I'm there. I think that maybe it's some of aura...
  3. thanks everyone, and Blood Willow, I PMed you about our guild, now, here's CHAPTER 3 THE FIRST QUEST The invisible wall (this was on July 8th 2009, sorry for posting it today...) "Okay everyone," Apeiron announced. "I've been thinking about the invisible wall at the maze, we need to research it. I also have a feeling there might be more then one..." Everyone was ready to go on their first quest but during it, something happened to Timotei, one of the first members... As we approached the wall, one of our guild members got left behind. Only Shugo299, Apeiron and Nmorr were there. They tried in every way to get past the wall...no dice. Now, what happened to Timotei you ask? Princess Rei was playing a little game with him. She was hiding in a place that was yet to be explored and she cried to Timotei for help. Timotei searched for the princess for almost ever. He kept saying, " I want to give the princess some blood to drink!!" Apeiron said, "come on, the princess is spoiled enough already." Apeiron left and Shugo299 found someone he thought should be in our guild, Shu_shui. (There's another quest that went on that day but...it was kind of lame....maybe I'll post it anyway...)
  4. Thanks for the coments everybody, Now here's CHAPTER 2 Mystery of the Maze The next day, Nmorr traveled back to the land of the sky to meet Hunter X. They sat down and talked for a bit, then decided that they should look at SUN. They took the Chaos Gate and disappeared. At SUN, Nmorr and Hunter X traveled deep into the temple and looked at the deformed messages, trying to figure out what they meant. "something's trying to stop us from reading these," Hunter X said. "Let's go to BDG and check back here later," Nmorr suggested. "Maybe we'll find something there...." On the way to BDG, Hunter X stopped for a moment. "You know on the board....It means beyond the Labryinth..." He looked at the sky. "Let's go to the maze..." Nmorr and Hunter X searched the maze...but found nothing...but a portal back to the land of the sky.... After a while, Nmorr went to Sol Area Square and met up with shugo299. They travelled together to the cathedral and listened to the song being played, then shugo left for the maze and searched for it's secrets. When shugo returned and hadn't found anything Nmorr thought for a moment. Maybe he could be in our guild.
  5. CHAPTER 1 ERASED Nmorr and the rest of the Auras Rebirth guild, ran to SUN to find all the messages had been erased. "No, how could this happen," Apeiron cried out. Nmorr searched the temple and found nothing. The rest of the guild members left as Apeiron and Nmorr traveled to the floating land. "Come on Apeiron," Nmorr said. "There's got to be somewhere we didn't check...." Apeiron stared at the sky hoping an answer might pop into his head. "Why now?" He asked. Apeiron looked as if he was about to give up. "Come on Apeiron!!" Nmorr cried. "NEVER GIVE UP!!" with those words, Apeiron returned to the Chaos Gate, and disappeared. Nmorr tightened his headband and pounded his fist into the dirt and cried, "NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!" Nmorr travelled to Gate de Berg and looked up at the sky. Then looked at the gate, "I'm coming for you aura....." He said. "Don't worry......I-Auras Rebirth guild will save you...." He stared at the closed gate. "As soon as this gate opens........" he walked up to the board and read it, "Pretty easy to translate," He left to the land of the sky...
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