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  • 3 weeks later...

its after all the other .hack stuff, after cc corp had been burnt down along with a ton of game data etc.

so they remade the world (now the world r2) and just after that it seems is where roots starts off

its the first half (maybe less then half actually) of the new .hack story after the previous stuff and the story is continued on by the 3 new ps2 games (.hack//gu)

if you want to find out more, just search for it at wikipedia :D

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well after watching the last few episodes of Roots I'm confused...

Is this right:

Ovan was captured and they attempted to delete his PC, but the AIDA saved him, however then Shino found him, the AIDA (which he describes as like a Cancer) breaks out, kills her and puts her into a coma. Tri-Edge went there to kill Ovan, but when he arrived, Haseo was standing over Shino and so he left.

[The whole PKK and the Terror Of Death stuff happened]

Ovan somehow manages to draw Tri-Edge to the Temple, and then sends Haseo there. Haseo and Tri-Edge fight, and Haseo is Data-Drained. Because he has 'the factor' (Skeith) in him, he isn't put into a coma but he is logged off the world and his charecter is back at level 1.

He logs in to discover he is a level 1 again. Also for some reason, his attitude is back to how it was before Shino was PK'd.

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i dont know about all of that, but this is what i think:

seemed like ovan broke out (when he was captured) on his own or in a way we dont know about yet, but i dunno about that.

you said shino found him, but the aida broke out and put her in a coma, but i'm pretty sure it was just tri edge that data drained her and put her into a coma (like everyone else - the romours about people going against tri edge and being put in a coma, if i remember correctly). unless that is what you meant :D

but didnt haseo see tri edge kill shino? thats why he wanted to get tri edge. but i cant remember that far back lol

and we (well i dont, i havent played the games) dont know for sure that ovan did lure haseo into a fight with tri edge. it seems like it, but im not so sure, maybe i just dont want ovan to be bad :P but then again, maybe he realy is good but is seen as bad, and before that seen as good :S lol... anyway...

and about his attitude after him being data drained. it seems like he still has quite some hate for the whole game and people in it (which he didnt have before shino was put in a coma) but he's realised he failed, and by a long way when he finially managed to face tri edge, which is what he was trying to do for months, so maybe he realised that what phyllo (sp?) said about him not being able to beat tri edge etc was quite true :P

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But in a later episode where Ovan's escape is shown he appears at the church, looks at his arm and says it saved him. Then Shino comes running in, and he begins to scream as if in pain, and the giant gun-arm begins to throb and seems like it's gonna break. All Haeso sees is Shino falling after being PK'd, and Tri-Edge walking away.

In the Volume 2 of GU cutscenes we see Ovan's arm split open, and it becomes a sythce-like thing which kills the pink-haired women (Pia I think) and Kuhn in one swipe each.

Ovan says to himself at the end of Roots "Become stronger, strong enough to kill me." he looks at the 'Sign' and says "If you don't, that..."

Also he says that his 'problem' is the same one Phyllo is having, most likely Phyllo's cancer. He's saying his AIDA is like a cancer. Maybe Ovan isn't the bad guy, but the AIDA he has is bad and is making him do the terrible things.

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Hm, so Roots Is about the Tri-Edge? Isn't there a game coming or already out about that? I believe I saw a trailer for it on the internet.

Roots is about Haseo. Between when he first logs in and a bit after he gets data drained.

.hack//G.U. Vol. 1 is out. It's what happens after he gets data drained, such as his mastery of Skeith, his turn from being a PKK, and his final showdown with Azure Kite.

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Guest darkfiresakaro

Hm, so Roots Is about the Tri-Edge? Isn't there a game coming or already out about that? I believe I saw a trailer for it on the internet.

Roots is about Haseo. Between when he first logs in and a bit after he gets data drained.

.hack//G.U. Vol. 1 is out. It's what happens after he gets data drained, such as his mastery of Skeith, his turn from being a PKK, and his final showdown with Azure Kite.

Ahh, I see. So Haseo is the main character. But the Tri-edge is one of the characters? Kay. Is it out on DVD or just on air?
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  • 1 month later...

Here, I am going to recap and summarize all of the episodes. Spoilers below!

Episode 1: Welcome to "The World"

The first episode of .hack//Roots begins with Haseo's first death at the hands of the PKers Asta and IYOTEN. After being rescued by the mysterious Ovan, Haseo is given a time of thought. He meets a small number of characters, including the knowledgeable Phyllo and the kind-hearted Shino.

Episode 2: Twilight Brigade

The newest member of the Twilight Brigade, Tabby, begins to become accepted in the guild, especially meeting Sakisaka, a Steam Gunner from the Brigade. Meanwhile, Haseo goes around for information for the Twilight Brigade and the trading guild TaN.

Episode 3: Join

Torn between Ovan and Tawalaya, Haseo begins to think of both sides. As the Twilight Brigade and TaN fight over Haseo's allegiance, Haseo weighs his options carefully.

Episode 4: Fore Feel

After joining the Twilight Brigade, Haseo is put to work right away in the search for mysterious items called virus cores. Though Ovan believes in him, some members of the Brigade doubt Haseo's loyalty to the guild.

Episode 5: Distrust

Both Sakisaka and Haseo become tempted by TaN's offers, even as Shino and Ovan urge them to ignore the rival guild. Tabby, meanwhile, remains neutral and refuses to believe that either of them will betray the Brigade.

Episode 6: Conflict

Haseo has been caught exchanging information with TaN, and Shino and Tabby think that he has joined the other side. As Haseo conflicts with the rest of his guild, Ender from TaN plots to catch its members in deeper trouble.

Episode 7: Intrigue

Haseo and Sakisaka have managed to break all bonds away from TaN and they both join the search for virus cores once more. With guidance by Shino, Haseo, Sakisaka, and Tabby go to explore the Lost Grounds.

Episode 8: Starting

As Gord goes on a mad hunt for information on virus cores, TaN and the Brigade pick up the pace on the hunt for the Key of the Twilight. Meanwhile, Shino and Haseo go to a certain Lost Ground to investigate the strange occurances there.

Episode 9: Melee (misspelled as "Melle" in the episode)

Receiving information on the whereabouts of the Key of the Twilight, Ovan, Shino, Sakisaka, Tabby, and Haseo go to the Battlefield of Coiste Bodhar. Little do they know, they have fallen into TaN's trap, and the only way to escape is to fight their way out.

Episode 10: Missing

Ender has the members of the Brigade cornered at the Battlefield. As they fight to keep TaN away from Ovan, however, behind them, Ovan is confronting the central headfigure of TaN in a final confrontation.

Episode 11: Discord

The disappearance of Ovan has left the Brigade leaderless. Though Shino is placed in control of the guild, even she is devastated by the sudden loss. With enough willpower and enough proof to destroy TaN, Shino goes to confront Tawalaya once and for all.

Episode 12: Break Up

Even after the destruction of TaN, the Twilight Brigade's unity is in tatters. As Tabby and Sakisaka try to make the best of the situation, Shino and Haseo get closer than ever.

Episode 13: Tragedy

If I'm gone... Take care of Haseo.

The Brigade has disbanded. Shino and Haseo' date=' however, wait for Ovan's return. However, as Haseo is fighting a couple of old enemies in a dungeon, Shino goes to the Hulle Granz Cathedral (Hidden Forbidden Holy Ground) after receiving a mysterious message. Here, the main story of .hack Conglomerate will unfold, and the "great tragedy" of Haseo's adventures in The World will take place.

Episode 14: Unreturner

While Haseo wanders in depression at the death of Shino, Phyllo encounters a strange enemy. It is revealed that in the real world, Shino's player lies in a coma, and nobody knows the reason why. Haseo is sure that the answer is in The World.

Episode 15: Pad

Tabby and Sakisaka, again, try and make the best of a grave situation, creating a guild called "Paw Brigade". Haseo goes in search of more power in desperation to save Shino.

Episode 16: Resolution

After Sakisaka quits the game, Tabby remains in The World, alone and deprived of everything. Phyllo and Tabby go to help Haseo get over his loss, but Haseo becomes determined to find Tri-Edge, who he suspects to have killed Shino.

Episode 17: Painful Forest

Haseo learns of a new way to gain power: the Forest of Pain. Though Phyllo and Tabby try to talk him out of it, Haseo enters into the even to find the power he has been earching for. Meanwhile, a returned Ovan faces the strange entity that attacked Phyllo.

Episode 18: Limit

Within the Forest of Pain, Haseo is reaching his limits. He meets Taihaku, a Steam Gunner who has had the strength to endure the challenges of the Forest, and Saburou, a secret agent working for Pi and Yata to find the "Chosen One" they have been searching for. Meanwhile, Tabby meets new friends.

Episode 19: Violation

A new character is introduced, Touta, who comments on the new high for prices in The World's guild shops. He goes out to adventure, and finds a corrupt former member of TaN, who he confronts.

Episode 20: Pursuit

Tabby and Phyllo begin to worry about Haseo's condition. Meanwhile, Haseo, with his new found strength, goes out to find Tri-Edge and defeat him. He encounters Saburou and challenges her. Touta reveals his identity to Haseo and offers to help him.

Episode 21: Defeat

Haseo encounters a strange player by the name of Midori. Rumors spread that Midori survived Tri-Edge, which reach Haseo's ears. He goes to find her, only to be defeated.

Episode 22: Bonds

Tabby, Seisaku, and Hideyo revive the Paw Brigade. Kuhn starts a new guild, Canard, with a couple of newbies, Gaspard and Silabus. Haseo becomes more bloodhungry in his hunt for Shino's killer.

Episode 23: Trial

Haseo PKKs an infamous PKer and must face the consequences. The PKer brings 100 PKers to confront Haseo as Tabby's guild comes to help him overcome them.

Episode 24: Confront

Ovan returns to Haseo and tells him the whereabouts of Tri-Edge. Losing all sight of his old mission, he goes to confront the enemy he has been seeking all this time at the cathedral, and even Phyllo can't stop him.

Episode 25: Truth

Betrayal is a Sin.

Haseo's defeat at the hands of "Tri-Edge" and his absence from The World makes his friends worried that he has suffered the same fate as Shino. Meanwhile, Phyllo tells a sad truth to Touta, and Ovan confesses his fateful acts to Phyllo.

Episode 26: Determination

I won't hesitate anymore!

The final episode of .hack//Roots. Haseo has returned to The World, Data Drained back to level one, reuniting with Tabby and Touta. He tells Tabby the truth about Phyllo. Denouncing all of his desires to become a PKK again, he meditates on the events of the past and decides that his mission is not over.

Roots to G.U.

-Haseo's defeat at the hands of "Tri-Edge" is seen at the beginning of Rebirth.

-Haseo becomes Canard's (Kuhn's old guild) new guild master.

-Atoli, the main female protagonist of G.U., is noticed by Haseo as an almost identical twin to 'an old friend'.

-Bordeaux, a dark skinned, female Blade Brandier, who appears only twice in Roots, is a pivotal antagonist in Vol. 1 and 2, and is available as a party member in Vol. 3.

-The Lost Grounds still bear Tri-Edge's mark from //Roots.

-Episode 26's end shows Haseo's Xth Form from Vol. 3 and Skeith from Vol. 1.

-Tabby returns to The World in Vol. 3.

-Shino is released from her coma and is available as a party member in Vol. 3.

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