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[guild] suicidal noobs!!


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im making a party soon or a get together soon

ill come up with a good time

and show people what we do

plz message here saying you will try to come

and if you have additional contact info that'll youll get fast tell me

should be fun oh if you have some good ideas for events tell me.

all welcome

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go slam a guild not doing anything the event wont be for awhile at least and dont make me mad plz for some reason my patience has been little recently so this is a group for people who actually want some fun and its also for bored people who have nothing better to do then chat XP and do some other stuff

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why did i somehow expect this. didn't understand the concept but any disbanding of guilds means a changing of opinions. let's hope those opinions can be used in a helpfull manner in a new way. for those who remain loyal, create your own guild, live on with the opinions that are yours. just don't explode my wall. i'm very sensitive about that.

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