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the world upgrade


anyone help?  

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I know this may have popped up in the forums before but I can not be bothered searching but is there going to be a change in the world at one point?

surely there is some progress on turning it into 3D and stuff I just want to know when these changes will be added?

I have seen you tube videos on level progress and such but I have not seen any change to the actual game in some time?

so anyone able to bring me up to date on progress or if it has actually been dumped?


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Who would make a game in 2D first in order to make it a 3D one? :D

Also, just because it's 3D doesn't immediately mean it's better than 2D. There are a lot of things other than the number of dimensions. Such as design in gameplay and graphics >_<

Anyway, this game is VERY work in progress. It's still in it's early stages of development. Progress is slow, but that's because the people making it are doing it in their spare time around their lives. This isn't their job.

And everyone may want to know when what will happen. But as far as I know a future telling device doesn't exist as of now. If you try to put something very complex and big together in your spare time with various people and then try to determine when what may happen you should realise how hard it is to tell such things.

This game is very far from dead though.

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In that case: There have always been various groups trying to make an online game based off of .hack. This is not the only one, but this one has been going on for years now and is slowly getting stronger. That can't be said for most others (considering most have come and gone in very short amounts of time).

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