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[The World] R:5 Roleplay Character sheets.


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This is were you post the character sheets for my role play. this way it doesn't get in the way of the role play. I'm going to add a few more classes, and maybe some skill sets and such.


Reaper: a class that uses scythes to do the same that spear wielders do, only with a little darker style.

Skills: Reaper's blade: [short range attack] makes a single, powerful short range flick with the scythe.

Call To The Dead: [Long Range] calls to the undead, as their arms pop from the ground, and grab the enemy's, dragging them downwards.

Executioner: a class that wield everything from hatchets to Large Pole Axes used for beheadings in the old days. they are usually heavily armored, and are the hardest to kill class in the game.

Skills: Armor Crush: [short range] a single, powerful swing down that is meant to crush the enemy's armor, and maybe them.

Execution: three fast swipes with the axe at any range( depending on how large the axe is) which swipes first at the chest, then the legs, then the neck.

Spear Wielder: a class that uses a spear to keep their enemy at bay while also slashing away at their HP.


Assassin: a stealthy, fast class. they use daggers, and are only good at close range combat. their magical defense, and attack are below basic, so they are vulnerable to a magic based class.

Skills:Dace of blades: [ close range] a quick, hurricane wind type attack that swirls around the enemy like blades while the attacker strikes from all sides as fast as possible.

Knight: they are the basic Knight. they use many variations of armor, sword, bow, and sometimes magic. their magical ability's are basic... so they can't use powerful spells.

skills: Justice: [Close Range]  three short slashes, followed by a lunge. all while the knight glows brightly.

Thief: the only class capable of stealing items from other players without defeating them in combat. this class is fast, use Martial arts as a weapon, using their, armor, knee pads, metal boots, arm guards, etc. as their weapons and armor.

Skills: Roundhouse: [short range[ a powerful roundhouse kick to the head. nearly unblockable.

Lotus Flower: a high speed mix of martial arts. it involves allot of speed.. so you have to have your speed built up to use it at high levels.

Black Widow:[short Range] a quick jab with the fingers, followed by an uppercut.

Spell Weaver: they use staffs, and grimiors. they wear everything from average Modern Day cloths, to magical robes and beyond. their Physical ability's are a slight bit above basic, but their magic is through the roof.

Skills: bash: [short Range] bash the opponent on the head with your staff or book.

Prod: [ Long Range] (staff users only) Prod the enemy with your staff, and if it's sharp, or you prod them in the eye or something it does damage.

Archer: they use either Bows and arrows, Guns, or spears. their ammo can range from something they found on the ground, to high powered, blessed, or such arrows.

Skills: Overcharge: [ long range] the arrow turns red, and the power overcharges, if held too long this attack will backfire and severly damage the user. if release at the right time, it will one hit kill nearly anything, or anyone.

Rapid Fire[short range] (gun or bow) rapidly fires at the target.

[Admin Class] Demi God: same basic thing as a king, but they all have their own cloths, mostly modern day cloths, or roman robes. their weapons are usually from the Thief class, and their spells usually consist of whatever they want, since they control the game's steadiness.

Skills:( any Combined skills they want.)

[unknown/Illegal class] King: the King class is available ONLY to hackers. they use all weapons, have all powers, and their physical, and magical ability's are both through the roof. their armor usually consists of  Spell Weaver, or archer Bottoms, Knight, assassin, Or thief top, and either a Helmet, Hood, Archer's cap or hood, Mage Hood/Hat, or nothing.

[/illegal skills]:

Yes, in this one, the world has gone midevil. and no, not everyone can be a King class... because if every player in a game is a hacker, the admins will find out.

in this, the monsters have invaded the towns. and Kings are gathering in an Unknown, and illegal field. the admins can't find this field, and the players are recruited at one point to try and help. so come. make a character. and let me entertain you.

{Character Sheet}

Real World.






High school Name:  (I'm going to have some events happen in the real world, you options are Searcy, Newport, and batesville Highschool.

In Game.


Age Appearance: ( how old does he or she look?)





Likes/Dislikes: (Be sure to specify)

(I'm still working on the rest of the skills... give me a bit)

Edit by Aku: I took the liberty of fixing up the topic title to avoid confusion ^^

Thanks :[ i'm a little... occupied here >.>

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{Character Sheet}

Real World.






High school Name:Home Schooled



Age Appearance:<UNKNOWN> (wears armor covering head)

Age:<UNKNOWN> (wears armor covering head)

Class:Executioner (weilds Twilight Axe)

Level: 32

Appearance: Wears full set of heavyweight,solid gold armor, a cloak going down to his legs, ripped up from battle.

Likes/Dislikes: LIKES: a challenge. DISLIKES: Giving up on something.

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{Character Sheet}

Real World.

Name: Krystal Fujiwara(Krysi)

Age: 13

gender: Female

Appearance: Black shoulder-length hair, pale skin(Asian), dark brown eyes, 5'4", wears usually a white t-shirt, jean shorts, and flip flops(unless there's a school uniform).

Talents: Art and singing.

High school Name: Newport

In Game.

Name: Princess Rei(Krysi)

Age Appearance: 15

Age: 13

Class: Spell Weaver

Level: 7

Appearance: Silver hair w/ the left side pulled behind her ear, pale skin, red eyes, 5'4", has a small red triangle coming from her hairline on her forehead and another triangle on each of her cheeks, wears brown short boots, a purple skirt, white tube top, purple serperate sleeves w/ finger holes. She always carries around a black wavemaster-looking staff with the crystal colored red.


(Likes:) Leveling up, making new friends, [The World] and Coconut Milk!!!(X3)(with blood? wink.png)

(Dislikes:) Getting PKed, PKers, The Kings, "Creeps", and freaky looking monsters.

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[Real World]:




Looks: 5'4", wavy dark brown hair below shoulders, brown eyes. usually wears grey or black w/ worn jeans, black shoes. Has silver star necklace on chain.

Talents: acting like she doesn't care, writing, drawing, daydreaming

HS name:Searcy

[in Game]:

Name: Akurei



Class: Assassin


Appearance:Same to real life, but w/ red eyes, black/grey clothing and mottled grey and black cloak w/ over sized hood.D/brown wolf ears and tail. Black boots. Still has star necklace.

Likes: the night, water(ocean, rivers), food, wolves,

Dislikes: arrogant people(especially guys), sissy girls, the sun

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Real World Name:Vince



Appearance:Hard to find(never dress the same if not trying to be found)

Talents:Spying,Make shifting,weapon recognition and usage,Medical practitioner,ambassador,Businessman,(anything I do in real life)

High school Name: Newport High school

(Monterrey High school,& Monterrey peninsula college)

In Game Name:Syoshi Kyoga

Age Appearance:17




Appearance:Cat ears & tail Dark brown hair tight(close proximity to prevent snagging) military-like clothing(Cargo clothing)Lean and wears allot of Earthy colors,purple,green,yellow,brown,tan,black,orange,deep blue.And long Black robe

Likes/Dislikes:hard to tell what I don't like (Adaptable)

DESPISE the color pink unless its in food or drink.

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