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The Wolf's Recycle Bin


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This topic is the new home of all of my stuff. Games I've started but never finished, tilesets, music, and other things. Feel free to use anything here, as long as you agree that anything here is provided as is and support for said things will be minimal if at any.

Textbox Engine in some of the projects are made by J-Factor (www.j-factor.uni.cc)

Other engines are copyright their respective owners.

All graphics, music, and most of the sound effects were made by me.

Usable music here: http://gyrowolf.110mb.com/r_music.html

[Tile Sets]



[sprites] (Click for full size)




[Game Maker]

A lot of old projects that were never finished. I mostly only start 'em to learn some stuff anyway so nothing here ever went to waste.

RPG Proto 2a - Worked, and then it didn't.

RPG Proto 2b- Point and click to move. I was testing the grid stuff.

RPG Proto 3 - Walk around. Fun, non?

RPG Proto 4 - Tried for the big boy -- A RPG battle engine.

RPG Proto 4b- Walk and talk to the guy. For some reason the sign stopped working.

p-0-ng - You gotta make a Pong game sometime, right? This is my third one (lost two when my harddrive crashed). Somewhere in-between the dumb AI and predictable puck, I decided that two losses were enough.

Platformer - A platformer to be themes around the story of Moses. Tried a lot of new things then, like cut-scenes.

More to come. :# )

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