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    The best practice starts with a good theory!
  1. Damn, the quality of this topic drops with every new topic. :-
  2. I always liked the Power Rangers and Animaniacs. Definitly two series that are in my list of favorites. Another series in my favorites is the Samurai Pizza Cats. I really liked the bits, where they talked as if they were real actors, but then handdrawn. They were talking to the producer and arguing with the narator al the time. Never had the right version of the script either. Definitely the best succes in series translated from Japan to America.
  3. You probably didn't get a high grade for it. Or did you?
  4. I know how to do it in Java with the WiiRemoteJ API, but I don't know it for any other. I know the name of a C variant. WiiUseC
  5. Logo? What logo? I use anecdota and it just says "My Comunity" on the top.
  6. How to use special input devices on your PC and use them in your program? Input devices like the Wiimote.
  7. Jup. I think it will be a lot of lost space putting the text lower. Especially if you get as much text as you have in the first screenshot. Because it will probably get to the bottom. In my opinion you're better of making the background entirely bright and the text dark.
  8. It seems to be the same demo you posted on the temp forum. So the same remarks back then count here as well. - I can jump of the edge of the level and stand on air (see 1.jpg) - The only way to get back is to walk of the screen, but you are place in the cliff and get stuck in it. You can turn, but you don't go anywhere (see 2.jpg). Maybe it is better to respawn a bit above the level and let Link just drop. - Slashing at the enemy doesn't hurt it, because I'm slashing above it. As I can't slash while I'm ducked. I have to wait until it jumps to attack me, before I can hurt it, while taking damage at the same time. - I also can't get the hang of the wall jumps. And it seems you only have a limited amount for them. Makes it difficult to reach the top at the tutorial part of it. It became so frustrating, that I stopped playing. I know it is difficult, but you want to give the player a challenge, but you don't want to make it frustrating. The isometric part doesn't help either. The feedback of the game telling you, that you can make a wall jump is the dust clouds when stuck to the wall. My solutions for the wall jump are the following: * Get rid of the limitation to jumps. * Give more time for people to react. The dropping along the wall happens instantly and is rather fast. Any height gained is quickly lost. Let link get stuck to the same place on the wall for about 2 seconds. Later in the game you can make this shorter, by adding dangers along the wall. * I also noticed that you can use the A key to jump. It is probably better use this button to jump of the walls, because it makes wall jumps easier. * If you want to use two walls to jump of, then you need the same feedback from both of them. With the isometric view you can't see the dust cloud from one wall. Therefore if you want to use this, use a different (better visible) feedback. Or (I hate to say this) you have to lose the isometric view and go to a straight side scrolling. I like the isometric view and the style is also really good. The music and SFX are good also. I can't wait until the next update. I hope you will find my feedback usefull.
  9. I can be a solution, but my complaint is more the graphic is in the way. Could you give us an example of this solution, because I think that lowering the text will only give you a big useless space in the textbox. What i would do is make the text box darker and use bright text, or make the textbox brighter and using dark text. The contrast needs to be between the text and the background, not in the background. But that are just my thoughts.
  10. Well it doesn't hurt the eyes anymore, so I think it is fine. Let's just work with it for a while.
  11. Stupid me for missing that. :-[
  12. Nice images and tilesets. But how do you download, your engines. I'm sure I am overlooking something but I just don't know what.
  13. I understand, but a small notice would have been nice.
  14. Well I think the title explains, but on the safe side. In the temp forum and at the begin of this, there were several boards for the community project. I don't see them anymore, did you guys delete them?
  15. Sorry, but I have no clue what the Box3 board is meant for.
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