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.hack//GU volume 2 ending (no spoilers, promise!)


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Creators say the end of .hack//G.U. volume 2: A Voice That Reminds Me of You will end with "a great deception that has been ongoing from the very beginning of .hack//roots. After finishing the game, some players may never pick up their controller again". I have gotten this info from dothackers.net, but I wonder if it really is as groundbreaking as they say. What do you guys think it is?

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I believe that this might be revealed:


Long post. I did a good bit of research and episode/cutscene watching.

In .hack, usually:

Good= Fixing the system for the good of the players/The World

Bad= Harming the system

.hack//roots is very secretive with its plot, unlike .hack//SIGN, when the plot was apparent fairly soon.

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