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Well.... It sure has been a while.


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Hey guys, it's me Jeff...

You may or may not remember me... I am not sure... But after a bit of downtime, I had left the world.

Me being permanently banned from a different MMO that I played for 5 years in which i was one of the best 10,000 players(out of 130 million or so), I decided to check back in to the world.

Well, now I see that the world has progressed a bit... Sure, no fighting or anything worth doing non publicly, but I'm ready to go in the game tomorrow to see who plays and what the community is like.

That is all.


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Guest Melphina Micaela

Well, I hope the team isn't like that now. :D

That would really riek...

But I trust the people I've met from the team.

They seem like good people with good heads on their shoulders.

Anywho, welcome back! happy.png

And I hope you have a great time during your stay. :]

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