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Um, i have an idea


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Yep. As Rei said, we're working on all of that. It just takes a bit of patience, and hopefully you'll all appreciate the work that's going into the battle system (all the coding, and custom pc/monster graphics) when it finally gets launched. So hang on a bit longer and everything's gonna be awesome. : )

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Yes, we haven't suddenly forgotten the most important parts when spending so long making such a game :D

It just takes time to get all the basics in to build onto and make sure it's all perfect :x

In the mean time, we're also trying hard to give you more and more things to do while you wait ^^

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Just thought I'd throw this in here:

Love the game.

It may not have much to do /yet/, but I do hold this in high hopes of being well done. :[

And even though at the moment, it's just really a graphical chat room, it's still pretty spiffy. happy.png

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