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Hiiiiiiiiiii.. :)


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YAYY i'm so happy I found this site!! x]

I can't believe theres .hack fans that are willing to put all their time and dedication to make a game.. x]

HawthorneLuke Aku And all the mappers and spriters... You guys inspire me Soo much!!!!

Well anyways, My Names thedivinefang07 but yeah don't call me that.. just call me Elizabeth Or eli, for short..

Lets see hmm...

I used to roleplay a few years back.. and... I love to draw anime characters and currently I have started learning to sprite like a few days ago... it seems pretty simple too me.. but I would like to figure out how to map too!

Anyways, I have gamemaker 7 and I mess around with that a bit.. O.o but I'm kind of a noob at that.. But i made like two games so far..

Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing this game become ALivee!!! With players... So I wanna help... Ohh

Also, I have 3 dogs, all chihuahuas (sp?) and yeahh I'm an animal lover and Vegitarian.. O.o But yeahh Thats about it

OOHH and I downloaded The World a few days back so yeah...

Ps. Can someone put up a tutorial to mapping? If you can then that would be great!!!

Good luck to the makers of this game!!!

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