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Hello, everyone. I am unsure if this is the same game, but I use to play on a game also called "The World". It was about a year ago, but somehow it would forget me, and I had to make a new account. (It had many confuzzled.) Aaaanyways, whether or not anyone knew of it, or it this is a different one, I'm glad to have found this. (Lost all dothack info I had, when I switched computers.)

I know, that was probably a really strange introduction. Alas, I have not said anything about myself.  :D I am the Smittee, who tends to have trouble remember her own name, because even people in life call me Smittee. (They can't remember my real name either. >.<) I live in the state of Florida and always have. I've only left state once in my life, and only for a weekend at Wizard World, Chicago. I love to write, and I love to play D&D, mostly as the DM nowadays. If you haven't deduced, I love to rp a lot. I have my own line of web comics I've been making for entertainment purposes on http://dumplingandwolfie.proboards.com/index.cgi  . Hopefully I can start up my Photoshop 7.0 and make these comics look more presentable soon. Let's see... What else about me? I own over 180 anime dvds and vhs. @.@ My favorite anime of all time is Records of Lodoss War: The Accursed Island.

I think that's enough about me. Never been fond about talking about myself.

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Thankie, hawthorneluke. It must have been another game. It's actually hard for me to remember a lot about it. The type of stuff I remember was the constant avatars getting nekkie, because of a glitch in the system. Every time one of the higher level characters used a spell, the whole system crashed. XD Also a person started at level one, but the lowest level plain was level 5. Wow...It's been so long. Site was connected to the CC corp site, if I remember correctly. Lotsa wallpapers from G.U. *mind gets fuzzy from there* ...Nnnn....Pie...

Sorry about that. XD I was trying to remember the rest of it, but my mind started hurting. Livin' things up, huh? Never been told that on a site before. Hnn...

Smittee pulls out a record player, and places the record gently upon it. as the needle hits, the music begins to flow smoothly from the black lines. She then pulled out some wind up toys, of course then winding them up, so they could 'dance' to the music.

There, perhaps that'll work. And now, to debate on either writing the outline for a book series I want to start writing, or to write the next chappie of one of my fanfics, before some readers find me and tie me to the chair; forcing me to write and write until the fanfictions are complete. >.<

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