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[C++] Win32 Wrapper


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Perfect to help you get your DirectX or OpenGL project off the ground. It saves you from having to worry about the nasty Win32 details that you only define once anyway. Designed for gaming, it *should* be flexible enough to use for your other needs, and if not, you can expand on it. 100% open source, feel free to expand and distribute however you want. Just don't put your name on it and upload it somewhere else, that's just rude :D


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Yeah, I went with the Drunken Hyena route for commenting. The main source code is commented like hell so that newbs can figure out what's going on and how to use it in their project. Then the window class is uncommented "magic." If you want to expand on it, you have to figure out on your own what everything does. I included a link to a guide that sums it up pretty well, along with an offer to help if needed on here. To me, this is the optimal way of commenting an open-source "tutorial" kind of resource.

I wrote this to speed up the process of making new DirectX projects. I got sick of writing the window over and over again and wanted to get on with the good stuff. I'd started on a basic Direct3D wrapper too but gave up on it in favor of working with XNA.

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