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  1. which chara do you like most? out of all .hack animes or mangas or games or... what else you found?! (this question is for everyone but "balmung of the azure sky" (haha) because everyone knows his answer)
  2. because of the pronounciation! mireille is mireiyu in german! yet, it doesn't sound german.... rofl oka is ouka. mh. that's more like japanese, isn't it?
  3. *rofl* the charas!!! x3 you know what? i'll scan the german one!!! *rofl* are there pin ups in the swedish version?
  4. my ... uncle (? it's more difficult, but i call him uncle, rofl) lives in sweden. in malm
  5. *beats herself* of course.... (>_<) i didn't get it because of the english.... it has the same title in german but i've never expected you'd have ment the bracelet... (T_T) *stupid*
  6. hellsing is cool. but the anime was on mtv from monday till friday at about 11 pm, so i couldn't watch it! (;_ only sometimes in holidays. but i LOVE it. i read an article about hellsing in a german anime magazine. the advertised the dvd box with all episodes and bonus material and the japanese version. i think i'll buy it. *no money* oh, shit.
  7. LOTTB? maybe the B in book? the guy in our "extremly helpfull background information" video mentioned something about a book...', *confusing* soooo many information!
  8. too many topics are confusing... but too many pages also. okay, i'll try and get my posts in an order and help to make new topics for smaller subjects...
  9. i'm so happy i found out so much about the .hack project and that i can "experience" this. i found new friends, had a lot of fun and got tips to improve my drawing style. it's been worth it!!! still can't believe it... (~_~)',
  10. hey, thank you! *click* *click* *print* yaaaayy!!!! i taught "before dawn" myself. it's easy and sounds nice. and now... ... [away] -> at the piano! bye!
  11. uwow. okay, i'm out. that was too much for me. *needs to get more music from .hack* *searching for notes* i need.... help!!!
  12. topic?! what is that? can you eat that? *rofl* sorry, of course. mh, i can hardly understand it, haven't heard the english language for like years! you'll get my questions by pm.
  13. bleh. you like to spam me, don't you? "balmung of the azure sky" (haha)!!!! no, i don't want voice clips with melodies of a super mario game!!! it's some time ago you asked me, likely you don't remember!
  14. how do you like the ost of .hack// whatever? what is your favourite one? lol... i was very surprised when i noticed (*slow*) that a song of tha //SIGN ost is in german! *rofl* i've never expected that... but when i see the translations of "das wandern" (the song ^) or of the "epitaph of twilight"..... ouch. OUCH! btw, i'm going on a class trip to N
  15. kh! you asked me one ore two times and didn't give closer explanations. and "blamung of the azure sky" (haha) spammed me!!!
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