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Character Sheets for The World (lvl up info, classes, character sheets)


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Now you may post your character sheets now, this is mine underneat follow it as model for yours but only post in the first few feilds ive set up , Mac Anu and 2 feilds i set up ill set up more adventualy but we need more to roleplay then just one or two or three people. Now your  hp and sp is under your class you pick. You can describe your weapon however you want to. here is what you need to copy and paste and reply under this topic only so we dont make the whole forums unorganized.

player character sheets








That better? Its not off of any site or gaia. I made it iinto our own thing? okay? now the classes i got from Wiki, The abilities i got some from Wiki and some from gaia and some from other sites. Yes i did get some from Cc but i personaly made it into our own  So does that make it better for you. Now Mac Anu is apart of all .hack so thats not copy able from any site cause it belongs to all .hack

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Lv1  Blademaster 30 hp 30 Sp  = every level you add 20 hp and 10 sp

Lv 1 Heavy Axeman 30 hp 30 Sp = every level you add 20 hp and 10 sp

Lv 1 Heavy Blade  30 hp 30 Sp = every level you add 20 hp and 10 sp

Lv 1  Long Arm 30 hp 30 Sp =  every level you add 20 hp and 10 sp

Lv 1 Twin Blade 30 hp 30 Sp = every level you add 20 hp and 10 sp

Lv 1 Wavemaster 30 hp 35 Sp = every level you add 10 hp and 20 sp

Lv 1 Adapt Rogue 40 hp 20 sp = every level you add 15 hp and 15 sp.

Lv 1 Steam Gunner 20 hp 30 sp = every level you add 10 hp and 20 sp.

Now ive changed theses around just a bit for some classes. now the lvl up add hp and stp is next to the levels . Now i no most of you think thats lame or some think its okay. but i think itll be okay ill make more updates over time.

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Enamies if we chose to have them. Like on feilds once we get them.

Baby Wolf lvl 1 = [30 hp 20 sp]

Wolf lvl 2 = 30 [hp 20 sp]

Mushroom lvl 2 = [30 hp 20 sp]

One eyed Tiger = lvl 3 [40 hp 30 sp]

Tiger = lvl 3 , [40 hp 30 sp]

Blue Guy = lvl 4 [50 hp 30 sp]

Mini Dwarf = lvl 5 [50 hp ,40sp]

More enamy updates will come later

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Now you guys will have special abilities that you use Sp for but that wil come later on. Im getting a bit to tired to keep working on it so im just making a few modifications and waiting on a msg back then ill work more on it later or tomaro. I kind of need a little information from Gm before i continue to see if we can get a better forum method for our role play.

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here are some of the classes aswell.

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To gain levels it depending on how many post you will have, Now that does not mean 1 word psot of a sentence post. You must have a paragraph or atleast 5 sentences. Other wise it will not count. Now here is the level up system. The Hp and Sp will be told for classes under classes later on.

Level 1  = 0 post

Level 2  = 25 post

level  3 =  50 post

level  4 =  75 post

level  5 =  100 post

level  6 =  125 post

level  7 =  150 post

level 8  =  175 post

level 9 =  200 post

level 10 - 225 post

level 11 - 250 post

level 12 = 275 post

level 13 = 300 post

level 14 = 325 post

level 15 = 350 post

level 16 = 375 post

level 17 = 400 post

level 18 = 425 post

level 19 = 450 post

level 20 = 475 post

level 21 = 500 post

level 22 = 525 post

level 23 = 550 post

level 24 = 575 post

level 25 = 600 post

Now level 25-50 will be updated later. Now if you have suggestions like a battling system please let me know. Like i have some things in mind but not alot. But if we can have some honest people we can go with a battle leveling system but that mite get out of control is what im saying. So please show you can be mature about battle systems and stuff.

For Creature battle - EXAMPLE

Sky [Twin Blade][Lvl 1][30 hp , 20 sp]

Jilo [Adapt Rogue][Lvl 1][ 30 hp, 20 sp]

Enamy = Wolf [lvl 1][30hp , 20sp]

Sky dashes at the enamy striking it with its blade. [5 points of damage]

Enamy strikes at Jilo with his fangs. [3 points of damage]

Jilo strikes the enamy with a specail ability Swirl = [10 points of damage.

Update =

Sky = 25 hp , 20 sp

Jilo = 28 hp , 20 sp

Enamy Wolf = 15 hp , 20 sp

Sky uses swirl on the wolf , [ 10 points of damge]

Wolf bikes Sky on the leg [ 8 points of damage

Jilo strickes the wolf with his blade [5 points of damge]


Sky 17 hp, 10 sp

Jilo 28 hp , 10 sp

Wolf = dead

Something like that but please comment on it and tell me your suggestions.  Thats only an option though. Now understand nothin is offical yet were just trying to set up a The World Roleplay , which will have a nice place for you to be in the world and talk to your freinds. So please comment on it and tell your suggestions.

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Now i know everyone is creating their own little roleplay area and all. But this section that I'm creating is for .Hack the world on line. Now I'm going to be explain the the level ups and the classes, and how you keep track of your level and everything, Gm and Ive talked a little about this so this is just the setup the rest will hopefully be up by tonight. But that all depends when i have time or not. But please read all the rules and system and classes before you create a character under the character sheets, which ill check over. Now please understand this is just a test run and nothing will be deleted unless by Gm or another consultant.

The system, To begin you will pick a class , name , [**hp][**mp] which Hp , Mp will be determined by your class which ill post here shortly.  For example me [sky][Twin Blade Lvl1] [**hp,**mp] I mite modify it after i get more things done. But ill modify it only to make it shorty. Which that line , with your name, class , Hp,mp  and level.

Now let me explain the rules are the same as on the site, keep it appropriate and game related. Now if content is inappropriate and violates any rules it will be warned for you to modify your post and rewrite it. Now if you dint rewrite it it will most likely be deleted.

Now roleplaying should be in third person not that hard. I got use to it after a while being lectured several times not to talk in first person. So please try to adapt talking in third person.Which below will be an example of role play.Also to gate in and log in i know this is a Do not use alot and make sure its visible, try using a collar font you can see or Bold print it.

*Sky loges into the world* (or use font but make sure its see able now don't use the same font for your whole post thats not acceptable)

Sky appears into the world after logging in. She walks down the street, looking side to side.

Wondering what she is going to do. Sky walks down over the bridge. She meets up with a few friends. They walk into the tavern and grab a drink of water and sit down. They begin to start some small talk. They decide to go treasure hunting so she gets up and walks to the gate. Waiting for the rest of her friends to meet her their after they finished their drinks. They appear near her and they all gate out.

*Sky gates out*

Something like that but their will be more then you in the world so you can socialize with other live people instead of pretend friends.

Now any comments on this post please ask here. The character sheets will be up in a bit so will the level system. So please ask any questions and ill check in a bit

special abilities will be added adventually. They will be made orriginaly and be made personaly by myself they mite sound stupid but they will be made with creattivity.

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