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  1. My favorite Persona games are P3 and P4, and my favorite characters are Minato Arisato and Seto Souji. (The Protagonists)
  2. The above person, has in fact, been banned for not speaking like sophisticated personae, making a typological error in his attempt to ban someone, and for using a bad reason to bad someone as smileys are in fact, extraordinary.
  3. ^ Has an addiction to people who are addicted to people who like chocolate. ^This is, in fact, a sentence.
  4. Banned for TWO reasons; 1. For having bad grammar. "banned" = Banned, "u." = you. Also you had two spaces between "luke" (which should be Luke) and "loves". 2. Your name mimics the protagonist's name for .Hack//SIGN.
  5. I don't play much anymore, I'd have to redownload it at get used to more skill hotkeys =.= Sounds like a Killing Floor remake.
  6. Has an addiction to both misspelling 'impaired' and using suffixes on words that don't need them.
  7. S4League (just recently) Teeworlds (also recently) Rohan: Blood Feud -IJJI- (Great game, just RESUMED playing recently) Drift City -IJJI- (A game that I am so alone in.) Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst (Haven't played recently, but I still have it.) Stepmania 4 Alpha 4 (A fun game that some people around here have already started to play. Sorry that I "hack" it all the time And I hope to resume my subscription for City of Heroes/Villains. (In my list of games, google is probably your friend)
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