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old dot hack game or the new dot hack gu game


do you like the old dot hack game or do you like the new dot hack gu game  

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  1. 1. do you like the old dot hack game or do you like the new dot hack gu game

    • old dot hack game
    • dot hack gu

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It's a mixed bag for me.  I never got to finish the original series however I find that they both have their good points.  On one hand the original games had a design that seemed more personal.  I despised having to scour a dungeons for what seemed like an eternity however the dungeon designs seemed to lend an eerie feel to some of the story-based levels.  Overall it seemed like it was really well done however the battle mechanics needed worked on.  I think GU fixed the battle mechanics in exchange for simpler levels and PCs that seemed more generic.  They're both fun however GU seems generally more accessible to me.

I can't lie though, the thing that won me over was the fact that GU's skills were permanent.  I disliked getting skills in the original only to loose them if I found a better piece of armor.  I would've preferred if they allowed you to learn the spells somehow.  You can't have everything though.

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