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Apeiron's Map Progress Reports


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this topic is dedicated to show my progress on maps i am working on. ppl who write replys here either talk about how the map needs improvements, or for ratings (N/5). each week i edit the topic to add another map im working on. enjoy.



happy fourth of july ;D. fireworks and boredom created this map.


PREVEIW: http://s726.photobucket.com/albums/ww263/apeironkingoflight/?action=view&current=screenshot005.png

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Looking pretty nice biggrin.png

But, why the boring black to the left and right of the gate? :x

Also, Serge made a Mac Anu map and Balmung should be touching it up, so you may want to get in contact with them? >_<

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well i like the black but if others have an opinion maybe u could put more tile or a Gate there or like luke said having the serge and balmung go over it

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the black on both sides were so it would match more :P.

serge made mac anu?! man, i have been havng trial and error finally coming up with a basic map in my head about what the mac anu would look like. i hope mine is better :D(

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hawthorne, could you be so kind as to move this topic into the mew mappers topic?

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