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Just a question...


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Are eneimes going to be scripted into this game. Because it's awesome but I couldn't find anything to kill... I wouoldn't have been able to anyway... We need a battle/skills thingy scripted then make a pvp place so you have time to work on enemies xD

Just ideas... :-

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It's not like we just have to hit a few keys and enemies will appear. They're not simply being "scripted" in,everything's being fully made from scratch. tens of thousands of lines of code. Also, if I had all the time in the world to perfect that in a short time, I'm not talented at spriting, so we need help there too, but currently we have no one to do that either >_<

In this sense, thing's are taking a long time :D

But of course there will be monsters etc. How could anyone forgot that part? :P

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That's because the server is thought to be off (by me), but in fact it's on. If it was off you'd no longer be able to get that far into the game though, let alone run around etc. Recently I have no idea what's going on with the server, so I've just left it as that atm, but no need to pay attention to it really :S

There being no people is because... No one's playing :x

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