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Hello, um I really don't know what to put here, So I may just ramble for a bit, which I do rather often. Hehehe. Anyway I have been a fan of .hack for a while now. I especially Tsukasa, he or should I say she, has been my favorite! Anyway I was looking for a good MMORPG of .hack to play and well this one popped up. The community seems rather nice and the game looks like its going to be amazing! I do have experience as a beta tester on a site called BYOND (Build Your Own Net Dream). As a tester I find bugs and other problems with the game and game icons. I have been an Icon-er for BYOND games, though I feel my talents are still at the beginning, I am growing and learning more each and every day. Who knows maybe I could help you make icons for The World if I am able to. Anyway I hope to see the game up and I hope I am chosen to be one of your testers. Thank you for your time, and for reading my mindless rambles. Again, Hello and Have a nice day.  ;D

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Hey ^^

Nice to have you here :D

At the moment everyone can play the current release (which gets updated from time to time) and if you find any bugs or have any suggestions or anything then please report them here as much as possible :P (There's no special version for testers or anything right now)

As for icons, as you can see in game, the GUI's a bit poor. Are you able to improve things like that as well?

One last thing though, recently the server for the game's been acting weirdly, so there may be times you'll find the server offline >_<

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I am able to do some minor fixes to icons ... but i am only used to my program that i run lol. Yea i have noticed that the server always seems to be offline for me ... and i check like almost every hour if i am not busy. I hope to be able to log in soon! Thanks for the welcome!

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