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I came to GD-U for the conversation


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Winnie the Pooh tottered along through the woods, humming to himself.

?Perhaps today I should go see if Roo wants to have a small smackeral of hunny with me!? He chuckled as he walked toward Roo?s house, stomach growling as he thought of hunny.

When he reached Roo?s house, he saw his old friend Kanga setting up a sprinkler by her flower bed. ?Well hello, Pooh!? she called out, waving to him. ?Are you here to see Roo??

?I was going to ask Roo if he?d like to eat a small smackeral of hunny with me.? Pooh said, smiling.

?Alright, he?s inside, I?ll get him in a second.? Kanga said, bending over to turn on the sprinkler. As the water turned on, it sprayed all over her nubile kangaroo body, soaking her. She wiped the water off of her apron. ?It?s so hot today,? she sighed, smiling at Pooh again. ?I?m sorry, I?ll go get Roo.?

Suddenly, Pooh was no longer thinking of hunny. Every inch of him was thinking of Kanga, and his tumbly was all rumbly, but not in the usual sense. There was a stirring in him that frightened him... ?Oh.. .Oh bother... nevermind, Kanga, sorry.? He grinned and tottered off quickly.

As he ran down the path to his favorite thinking spot, he tried to think. He didn?t want hunny anymore, and he still couldn?t stop thinking of Kanga! He sat down on his favorite thinking log and put his hand under his chin sadly. ?Think think think...? He sighed.

As he thought, Piglet walked past. ?Wh-what?s the matter, Pooh? What are you thinking about?? Piglet said, hopping onto the log beside him.

?Oh bother... i?m thinking about Kanga.? Pooh said. ?I just wanted a small smackeral of hunny but as soon as I saw her all wet with water... my tumbly got all rumbly and I didn?t want hunny anymore.?

?W-Well what did you want?? Piglet asked, confused.

?Hoo, I think I know what he wants!? Owl fluttered down from the trees. ?Sorry, old boy,? He said, shrugging his large wings at Pooh, ?but I couldn?t help overhear you. What you have now is called the stirrings.? He patted Pooh on the back. ?My boy, it?s perfectly normal when growing up to feel this way when you see a woman!?

?Oh, bother bother...? Pooh said. ?Then what do I want, if I don?t want hunny?? Pooh asked of Owl.

?He meansssssss you want kangaroo tressssssssure!? a voice called out from below the ground. Suddenly, Gopher popped up, shaking dirt off his head. ?Sssssure, Kanga?ssss a hot one, but you gotta control the sssstirring!? Gopher said.

?Our friend is right, Pooh.? Owl said. ?While Kanga may be our friend, I don?t think she will be willing to help you with this certain desire.?

Piglet looked confused still. ?Th-then what does P-p-p-pooh have to do??

Owl patted Pooh on the back once more. ?Pooh, go home and lay down on your bed. Think of Kanga for a long time, and soon you?ll notice a change down below. I like to call it ?The Hundred Acre Wood.? Now when you see this, it will look like a small tree. When you see a hunny tree, what do you do to get what you want??

Pooh thought long and hard before answering. ?I climb the tree and get the hunny??

Owl clapped. ?Exactly!? He hooted, ?So when you see this, put your hand at the bottom of the tree and let it climb to the top. Repeat this over and over until a... honey comes out. When you have that, your desire will end!?

Pooh smiled. ?Why thank you, Owl! I shall go home and try this!? He hopped off the log and waved goodbye to his friends, heading home to try out Owl?s advice.

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Pooh tottered home, completely distracted by Owl?s earlier advice and his run-in with Kanga. As he walked he could think of nothing but the glistening water running down Kanga?s back, drop by drop. He turned his slow trot into a jog as he tried to get home quicker. As he reached his house he slammed the door behind him, sighing. ?Oh bother...? he said, shaking his head in confusion.

He walked over to his mirror, looking at himself. He looked where Owl had specified down below, and to his astonishment there was indeed a small tree. Before it has been just a soggy log, as Owl had told him long ago, but he had never seen a log sprout back into a tree!

?Oh bother,? Pooh said, tilting his head to the side in confusion, ?I can?t say I know why this is happening to me.? He poked the ?tree? softly and immediately he felt a rumbly in his tumbly once more. And once more his thoughts turned to Kanga. ?I have to do what Owl said to do.? he said, shaking his head and hopping onto his bed.

Pooh leaned back on his bed, sighing as he tried to remember Owl's directions to the word. ?Put my hand at the bottom of the tree...? he mumbled, placing a soft linen hand at the base of his bearhood. Then, just as Owl had said, he climbed it with his hand. ?Oh... Oh bother..." he moaned softly. However, his hand was on the top of the tree but he saw no hunny yet.

?Owl DID say to climb over and over...? Pooh said, putting his hand at the bottom once more, repeating it and moaning once more. It felt so good. He continued, climbing once, twice, three more times before sighing. No hunny yet, what was he doing wrong? How many times did he have to do this?

But then he remembered. Owl had said to think of Kanga as he did it! So as Pooh set his hand on the base of his now sprouting log once more, he closed his eyes and pictured Kanga. ?Well hello, Kanga!? Pooh said, laughing to himself. But as he pictured her, he was not looking at her face. He was looking below it as she took her apron off...

Just picturing this sped Pooh?s movements up as he climbed the tree even more rapidly, not even stopping at the treetop anymore as he moved back down to climb again. In his mind, Kanga was blowing him kisses. She was caressing her supple assets. Pooh had never seen Kanga like that before, and it excited him! Just as he imagined her walking over to him to help him caress his bearhood, he felt something extremely tingly down there. He could almost feel an eruption in his tumbly as he looked down just in time to see the hunny Owl told him about seep directly from the oak, splattering onto his bedspread as a result.

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