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.hack//R:2 Chapter One//Roots


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.hack//R:2 (G.U. Backstory)

For the purposes of organization, our story will be separated into chapters. Each chapter will be 14-15 pages long. Once we hit an appropriate mark, we will decide on a new chapter. I will start the new topic.

:Table of Contents: (Chapters will be marked completed or in progress.)

.hack//R:2 Chapter 1//Roots (In Progress)

Character Rules

Each character must start at level one. This Role Play is made to start at the very beginning of The World R:2.

Character names may not be vulgar, discriminatory, or bias towards significant world issues, such as politics.

Characters must obviously have only one class, with Adept Rogues as an exception.

Roleplay Rules

No flaming others.

Out of character statements must be surrounded by two sets of parentheses. i.e.: ((Like this))

No godmodding.

No god-like characters. Character must start like normal characters. No special weapons or special abilities not available to average characters.

Each post must be at least two lines long, not including out of topic words.

Quotes must be marked with quotation marks.


-Twin Blade-

This class uses short dagger-like blades and swift movements.

    Weapons: Dual Swords

    Armor: Light Armor

    Skills: Gale Blade (default), Sparrow Counter, Sword Dance, Tri-Strike

-Blade Brandier-

This class uses long, light blades with elegant movements.

    Weapons: Blade

    Armor: Light Armor

    Skills: Shadow Flash (default), Ogre Sword, Lateral Moon

-Edge Punisher-

This class uses heavy broadswords.

    Weapons: Broadsword

    Armor: Heavy Armor

    Skills: Tiger Blitz (default), Twin Moons, Armor Pierce, Bone Crusher

-Lord Partizan-

This class uses long pole arms and drills.

    Weapons: Lance

    Armor: Heavy Armor

    Skills: Air Raid (default), Thorn Dance

-Tribal Grappler-

This class uses gloves and sheer brawn.

    Weapons: Gauntlet

    Armor: Light Armor

    Skills: Rapid Attack (default), King Hammer

-Steam Gunner-

This class uses long rifles with long blades running along their edges.

    Weapons: Bayonet

    Armor: Light Armor

    Skills: Thorn Shot (default), Plectra Bullet, Thunder Spark

-Adept Rogue-

See "Adept Rogue Rules".

-Harvest Cleric-

This class focuses on defensive magic.

    Weapons: Staff

    Armor: Robe

    Skills: Repth (default), Ul Repth, Rip Duk, Rip Maj, Rip Mumyn

-Shadow Warlock-

This class focuses on offensive magic.

    Weapons: Grimoire

    Armor: Robe

    Skills: Rue Kruz, Gan Bolgm Vak Don, Zan Rom, Duk Lei, Mumyn Lei

-Flick Reaper- (Unavailable)

This Class uses scythes.

    Weapons: Scythe

    Armor: Heavy

-Macabre Dancer- (Unavailable)

This class uses fans and elegant movements.

    Weapons: Fan

    Armor: Robe (?)

*Classes that are unavailable will be available when a game comes out that reveals that character's skills. You may use these, but you can't use their skills.

Adept Rogue Rules

Adept Rogues are able to wield different weapons.

    Armor: Heavy Armor

-Choosing Classes-

You get four(4) points at character creation. You spend points on your classes.

Twin Blade- 1 point

Blade Brandier- 1 point

Edge Punisher- 1 point

Lord Partizan- 2 points

Tribal Grappler- 2 points

Flick Reaper- 2 points

Macabre Dancer- 3 points

Steam Gunner- 3 points

Harvest Cleric- 3 points

Shadow Warlock- 3 points


You gain skills from your corresponding classes. You must have completed the job extend for that class before you start unlocking skills for it.

-Job Extension-

You gain jobs through job extension. Your first chosen class is your default.

Level 1- First Class

Level 20- Second Class

Level 60- Third Class

Character Registration

User Name:

Real Name: (optional)


Wave: (Thunder, Fire, Darkness, Light, Water, Wind, Earth, Wood) [optional]


Background: (optional)

You must send me the character sheet before posting it up. I will check it and give you the final copy for you to post

The copy I give back will contain your weapon, HP, SP, and all other character information


User Name: Dorali

Real Name: n/a

Class: Adept Rogue [Haseo build]

          -Twin Blade

          -Edge Punisher


Wave: Thunder

Appearance: Grey and Blue armor. His clothes are loose and baggy. He has orange wave marks on his hands and cheeks. His hair is dark brown, with even bangs running down his forehead, while the rest falls down loosely to the middle of his neck. His eyes are brownish-orange. His arms are covered in white wraps. His fists are covered with black gloves that seem to run down under his wraps. The sleeves of the gloves end at the middle of his fingers.

On his torso is a long sleeved, gray tunic. There is a thick, black vest over it. On his left shoulder is a tear in his tunic. Through it is a large and complex wave mark. He wears grey pants and black, leather boots. his arms and legs are surrounded by blue, solid rings.(picture coming soon)

Background: Joined The World when R:2 was released. Through many life problems, he uses The World as a replacement and a way to achieve what he could not in real life. Not much else is known about Dorali.

Current Character:

Dorali Lvl.1
Adept Rogue

Job Level: Dual Blades- Lvl 1

Weapon: Spin Gai Gu (Rapid)
Armor: Rough Armor

HP: 50/50
SP: 20/20


Loading TheWorld.exe...

Uploading Patch 1.1.04...


...114950/114950 Process Complete!


Opening The World...

Character Creation Loading...

Step One: Pick Your Class!


Adept Rogue confirmed. Loading Next Step...


Step One Part Two: Adept Rogue Job Selection


Twin Blade confirmed.

Edge Punisher confirmed.

Flick Reaper confirmed.


Step Two: Appearance


Character design complete!


Step Three: Name Your Character


Name: Dorali... Confirm.



Character Creation is complete!


Welcome to The World!


The loading screen spun as hexagons were thrown randomly into along the screen. The World's logo appeared at the bottom right. "The World R:2' date=' A Dazzling Twilight Dream." In mere seconds, the load screen disappeared and, in its place, was a large dome-like chamber.

Dorali's character appeared as he had seen it from the character creation screen. There were other characters everywhere, all different from his own. He switched to first-person and saw The World through his character's eyes. It seemed so realistic. Of course, he did not mean the beautiful, yet obviously rendered graphics, but the feel. Moving the analog stick, he looked to the right. He could see each character turn their heads as if they were real.

All of a sudden, a dialog box appeared.

Welcome to the World! Please read the manual before venturing too far out. Good luck on your adventures!

This is cool. I wonder if my mic works...


The words appeared on his log and many of the people turned their heads towards him. He was bombarded with a torrent of replies, good and bad.

Dorali: Hello

1/2: Hello!

Nogmund: Noob.

Zero: Welcome.

Sakubo: OMG STFU Noob!

NOVA: Hello!

He didn't mind the words much' date=' he wanted to get into action right away. He turned to the swirling mass behind him. It was marked as a "Chaos Gate".

[i']Hmm, this is used for going to areas?[/i]

He selected the gate and selected "Area Word". He had a list of copies of a single word. "Courageous". He selected it. Another list popped up. This time, they were copies of the word "Engaging". Next was another list. "Daydream". He selected it and an option box came up.

Warp to Delta- Courageous Engaging Daydeam?




He selected "Yes." His character was surrounded by rings of blue and white and disappeared. The loading screen flashed for a brief second and a green meadow replaced it. His character ported in and he smiled.

Delta- Courageous Engaging Daydream

"So' date=' where are all the monsters?" he asked himself entusiastically.

Dorali walked slowly forward, seeking out enemies to battle. Within a few seconds, he reached a bridge, crossing a thin canal. In front of it was a team of three Goblins. The names appeared on his screen when he targeted them.

[b']Goblin Rookie- Lvl. 3[/b]

"Only level three? Shouldn't be too hard..."

He drew his Spin Gai Gu blades and ran towards them. He stood in front of them, looking for the button to attack. Before he could find the right button, his character was thrown back by the Goblins' combined blows.

"W- What the--" His character was tossed again, this time onto the bridge. A Goblin rushed at him and he hit a button. As the Goblin's strike landed, the Adept Rogue Dorali parried it neatly.


He laughed as he hit another button and his character struck. The Goblin was stunned. This time he tapped the button faster and Dorali kept striking over and over, in quick flashes that could only be distinguished from each other by the string of numbers flying towards the top of the screen. The Goblin was blasted into the canal with the tenth strike. He turned to the other Goblins. They came at him too fast to react.


Dorali was thrown into the canal at the rising Goblin, causing them both to fall. He tapped the attack button and his character jumped up, pushing the fallen Goblin away from him. The other two came to a point where he was cornered against the bridge.

Before the Goblins could stike, one dropped dead. Behind his grey corpse was a black Blade Brandier. His name was hidden somehow. He sped around to dispatch the other two enemies, both with a single, wide strike. Dorali turned as he watched both fly past the bridge. He smiled.

"Hey, tha--"

The player's blade was aimed at his head. Dorali's hands were shaking in disbelief.

"W- What..."

He trailed off as the player spun. He stopped, the blade's edge laid straight on his head. He finally spoke, with a raspy voice.

"No... Contest."

Dorali fell to the ground, his body grey and lifeless. The player stood there, chuckling, then he left. Dorali, the Adept Rogue, faded away and the screen took him back to Mac Anu.

What the hell was that?

He looked around.

Hmm... I guess I could try again tomorrow.

He then logged off, knowing that he will have another chance the next day...

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Guest Sanha_Trio

((You mean this character sheet?))

User Name:Night

Real Name:

Class:Adept Rouge(Haseo build)

-Twin Blade

-Edge Punisher

-Flick Reaper

Wave: Thunder

Appearance: His hair is black with a tint of red, and he had red clothing on, except for the bandnana, which is blue. He doesn't wear a hat. His element symbol in on his bandana, and on his hands. His eyes are hazel.

Background: He joins "The World R2." soon after it was released, he likes to go to fields to find rare items that he likes. He is open minded, he is very nice, but he seems serious for some strange reason at some times, rumors has it that night was once a player from "The World" before it was destroyed.

Job Level: Dual Blades- Level

Weapon: Spin Gai Gu (Rapid)

Armor: Rough Armor

HP:  50/50

SP:  20/20

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Guest Makkurachi

Oh right, maybe I should post my char since it was approved. ^^; (I can't start rping till Saturday, or atleast Friday, stupid school. >.>)

User Name: Liquorice

Class: Shadow Warlock

Wave: Fire

Appearance: She has long dark blue hair that reaches down to her waist. (Lolz. long.) Her eyes are light blue and her skin is pale. She wears a short black dress, long boots and long gloves, all of then are black with blue fire symbols on them. She wears a witch hat with the same colors and symbols.

Background: She used to watch her big brother play the first version of The World, but after The World crashed and The World R:2 was made, her brother didn't want to play anymore since he couldn't get back his character. So Liquorice decided to sign up and start playing.

Liquorice Lvl 1 
Shadow Warlock

Job Level: Grimoire

Weapon: Magic Amber
Armor: Sub Gear

HP: 30/30
SP: 50/50

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Got it approved by Bullet~

I'll run off and find out what skills flicker has tomorrow =o

User Name: Reike

Real Name: Reki Tanaka

Class: Is it ok to be a Flicker and just not use any skills for now? I could dig up the japanese skills and translate the names =o

Wave: Thunder

Appearance: http://img223.imageshack.us/img223/7237/skanna0018vo8.jpg - Like, -without- the twin blades clearly ;P

Description: None~

Reike Lvl. 1

Job Level: Flick Reaper Lvl. 1

HP: 50/50
SP: 20/20

Weapon: Scythe Guillotine (can't find a lower level weapon ><)
Armor: Rough Armor

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Guest Sanha_Trio

((Ok then, I guess I better get it started.))

After the loading screen came up, night's real life self was thinking about what he is going to do in "The World R2." since his old character data was deleted by the first in CC corp a few years ago. " I wonder if any of my old friends is on here. But still I can't believe I lost my character data. DING! Night's RLS(Real Life Self.) Was suprised by the sound, but only to find out that the game has finished downloading.Ok, here goes nothing. He thought.

As night warped into the root town, he opened his eyes, to see that he was in front of a beutiful city. " No way! The graphics here are nuts!" He though aloud, suprising some of the other characters around him.

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