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[guild] Wolves Pact


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With the care and ferocity of a wolf, we watch over our comrades.

Like a scroll between the jaws of a wolf, we fiercely protect our secrets.

In the shadows of wavering moonlight, we keep our existence hidden from outsiders.

With an olive branch, we keep peace with our comrades, then those on the outside.

But are ready to fight against any opposition and threat with the sword.

These symbols represent the ideals of the Wolves' Pact.

Protect and honor them as we do our comrades

The above is the fundamental structure of the guild, Wolves' Pact. The number one rule, is loyalty. If you can abide by that, then you can be in the Wolves Pact. If you can't, then this isn't not the guild for you.

Once part of the pact, you are NOT to tell anyone. Only others within the guild are to know. You will start at the bottom of the ranking, 4thRank, and you can be promoted to the higher positions.

Right now, we are looking for those with good leadership skill, as we still need three more to complete the Fifth Counsel.

If you wish to become part of the guild, contact me, or Akurei Yoshima

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As Nekocat said, there's more to the guild than this. The purpose of the guild will be more redilly realized when The World is complete. For now, we simply need the support of others to build it up. Smart, with good leadership skills. Not the ignorant who talk about what they do not fully know. Like it said in Nekocats first post, contact us if you're interested.

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