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Game Maker Officials looking for graphic artists


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Game Maker creator Mark Overmars is looking for graphic artists to create sets for the next Game Maker. Details at the Yoyo Games Glog, but there is money involved so participants will need to sign a legal contract with the company.

With this comes a few new details about Game Maker 8.0, as it's being called:

In the next version 8.0 of Game Maker an important new feature is the full support for PNG images with alpha (transparency) information. This will involve an improved image editor, sprite editor, room editor and new options in the background and sprite property forms (for example related to collision checking). This will make it possible to create much better looking games.

If you have the skills and want to make a couple of bucks, Click Here, and read the instructions (all of them).


I was debating whether or not to stick this here in the resources forums. I figured it was appropriate, but if it's not, I'm truly sorry.

:# D

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